Protect Traveling Truck Drivers from Bed Bug Exposure

If you drive a truck for a living, or own business that relies on truck transportation, you know that the demanding schedule doesn’t just mean long, exhausting hours behind the wheel. It also means truckers are traveling distances far and wide, driving, loading up, dropping off, picking up and driving again – and they have no idea what they might be rubbing up against.

Truck drivers have a naturally nomadic lifestyle that puts them into contact with unknown and possible sources of bed bug infestation, putting them at serious risk of becoming infected by bed bugs. They often have the option to stay in hotels or motels overnight, potentially in places that may have a bed bug problem. Truckers who travel across the country can elect to sleep in their trucks, which also have no bed bug protection. Both of these scenarios can result in transferring the pests to their truck, taking them with them wherever they go.

Bed Bug Apartment StudyBecause truck drivers make so many stops, they not only put themselves in jeopardy, but put others at risk too. They inadvertently create a perfect opportunity for the pests to latch onto a single driver, spread through the truck and the truck’s contents, travel with the truck and the truck driver, and infect anyone who comes into contact with the vehicle or its contents.

Don’t Let Bed Bugs Be Your Travel Companions

PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor offers a range of products for truck drivers to stop bed bugs dead in their tracks.

At the bare minimum, it’s suggested that you consider preventative bed bug sprays as a simple and cost-effective way to lower the risk of bed bugs. Our sprays are safe, natural treatments that effectively repel bed bugs with one spray for up to 30 days, and come in a range of portable sizes, perfect for frequent travelers. Spray onto luggage, belongings, hotel rooms, and beds for immediate protection.

If you are averse to chemical sprays or treatments, or have more surface area to protect, then heat treatment is just as effective. ZAPPBUG heaters and ovens are portable and reusable, and can be used for small items or clothing. After you place the bed-bug-infected item in the heater, the chamber heats up to 120-155 degrees, killing bed bugs and their larvae over the course of six hours.

Sometimes it’s impossible to know where the bed bug problem started, especially if a truck and truck driver are traveling for an extended period of time to multiple locations. It might be safest to consider our quick and easy to use whole room bed bug heaters, which are well worth the investment. Plug the unit into an available 120 volt power source to heat up the infected space, and after a few hours, the space will be safe, clean, and free of bedbugs, without the chemical risks or smells.

Need Something More Specific to Your Bed Bug Problem?

If you’re facing a more complicated bed bug problem, or want to learn more about extermination by heat, reach out to the Bed Bug Heat Doctor/Prevsol staff for guidance and advice. It can be overwhelming and confusing to deal with a bed bug problem on your own if you have never had to deal with it before – let us find you your personal bed bug treatment kit now!