32 oz. Lights Out Bed Bug Killer Spray


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Special: Buy 2 gallons get a free 32 oz. with sprayer

Lights Out Bed Bug Spray has been developed to address the need for an effective bed bug spray without using noxious pesticides. It is made only with ingredients that qualify for the 25(b) exemption in the EPA Pesticide Regulations.

Just what is a 25(b) exempt pesticide product? Pesticides are chemical agents which kill, mitigate, or inhibit a pest. The pest can be an insect, a fungus, a virus, or bacteria, etc. The US EPA has identified a list of inert ingredients, considered to have very low to no toxicity, which can be used to formulate a pesticide with the 25(b) active ingredients. These products are not required to be registered as pesticides by the EPA. There are certain other conditions that these products have to meet, including very specific labeling requirements, prior to bringing these products to market.

Bed Bug Spray Features and Performance

Lights Out Bed Bug Spray kills listed insects by breaking down the waxy outer layer on the insect’s body. When the waxy layer is broken down, the insect begins losing internal moisture which causes dehydration and death. After an application, a percentage of the active ingredient stays in a crystalline structure. Once dry, if an insect disturbs this structure, the active ingredient is released onto the body of the insect causing death by dehydration.

When applied as directed on the label, Lights Out will kill live bed bugs on contact. Mortality occurs within 5-10 minutes of application, depending on life stages. Lights Out is also effective on other insects – cockroaches, ants, millipedes, carpet beetles, and fleas. Any of the listed insects coming into contact with a surface treated with Lights Out will be killed for up to 30 days after application.

This all-natural bed bugs spray is an effective treatment that eliminates bed bugs quickly and effectively. Just spray it on a mattress, couch, or other areas where bed bugs may congregate. It is safe to use around children and dogs and has a pleasant scent with no heavy chemical odor. It does not kill bed bug eggs, and so, it needs to be sprayed every 4 weeks for 3 treatments to be sure that all eggs have hatched and all live bugs have been effectively eliminated.

The spray comes in two sizes. The 32 oz. spray bottle and a gallon bottle that is perfect for refilling.

  • Lights Out is non-toxic to all mammals and will not harm the environment when used as directed.
  • Use Lights Out anywhere bed bugs are found: homes, hotels, motels, hostels, hospitals, dormitories, autos, moving vans, airplanes, buses, trains, OTR trucks, shelters, camps, apartments, schools, prisons.

Perfect Bed Bug Spray for Travelers and More

For frequent travelers on the road for work or vacation, bed bugs are a very real concern. Staying in a hotel, apartment, or B&B that is infested with bed bugs can ruin any business trip or family vacation very quickly. Perfect for travelers to spray on luggage, belongings, and beds.


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2 reviews for 32 oz. Lights Out Bed Bug Killer Spray

  1. James F

    “When we first started using Lights Out, the older bugs died on spot & the smaller bugs began literally climbing up our walls in each room to escape its effects & fumes & we began spraying them as they climbed & died instantly! I love this spray! I recommend it 110,000 % WITHOUT FAIL!”

    James F
    Window Rock, AZ

  2. Walter. E. Tumlinson, DC

    I was apprehensive at using an all natural product to rid our home of a bed bug infestation. After speaking with a company representative, who was very knowledgeable, courteous and informative, I chose to try this spray. It seemed way too easy, however, after about 3 days, the bug bites stopped and the evidence of bed bugs were gone. I used 2 bottles of this spray within the 3 days and it seems to have worked miraculously. Who knew a simple, safe, all natural product would so easily eliminate my problem. I have my house back! Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!!!!!!!!!! Please try this product.

    Walter. E. Tumlinson, DC

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