Lease Information

Leasing Provides a Great Opportunity

Lease your new bed bug heater with these simple steps:
The Bed Bug Heat Doctor/PrevSol bed bug heaters kill bed bugs fast! And now you can get one almost as fast using our convenient lease program with low payments.

Leasing Provides a Great Opportunity

Needed equipment can be acquired without depleting capital which may be needed for other business purposes.
Leasing Options

Eliminate Obsolescence

The newest “innovation” does not stay new for long. Leasing gives you the ability to upgrade or add equipment when your business demands the latest technology or whenever your needs change.
Leasing Options

New Line of Credit

A lease can be viewed as another line of credit that does not impact a company’s existing bank credit arrangements.
Leasing Options

Benefit from Tax and Accounting Considerations

Purchases are made with after-tax dollars. Your lease payments are usually considered a pretax business expense and, as such, may reduce your taxes. Leasing may allow you to take advantage of off-balance sheet accounting which can have a positive effect on your bottom line (as always you should consult your tax advisor).
Leasing Options

Fixed Payments

Lease payments are fixed at the beginning of the lease for the entire term.
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