Swift Sensors Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor 20-Pack

Swift Sensor Cloud Monitoring is $6 per sensor per month (negotiate directly with manufacturer) – required for operation and paid directly to Swift Sensors.

Swift Sensors Wireless Remote Temperature Sensor includes a 3 ft. lead with stainless steel NTC temperature probe and can measure temperatures between -40°F and 257°F. This sensor is ideal for monitoring temperatures in high temp bed bug or other pest treatments. The sensor enclosure is water-resistant and dustproof with a rating of IP66. Users can set the inspection rate and thresholds for notifications via text message, email and phone call.

The simple plug and play deployment makes this sensor easy to connect and use. Simply place the small battery powered sensor in the location or on the equipment you need to monitor. The Swift Sensor Gateway instantly identifies the sensor and establishes secure communication. There are no wires to connect and no software to install.

The sensors are powered with 2 AAA lithium polymer batteries with an average lifespan of 6-8 years. Sensors can be powered on or put into sleep mode by pressing the center of the sensor. A green LED in the sensor blinks when the sensor powers on, turns solid when transitioning to sleep mode, and will blink when the “find my sensor” command is sent from the console. All sensors send encrypted data to the gateway.

The Swift Sensors System is 100% cloud managed. The gateway securely transmits sensor data to the Swift Sensors Cloud using 256-bit AES encryption. The system is scalable from a single sensor, one site application to multi-site enterprises with thousands of sensors.

Swift Sensors Console allows real-time asset monitoring and sophisticated analysis from anywhere – on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Data analytics provide operational insights and deep visibility. SMS text, email, and phone call notifications can be set based on customizable threshold.

Swift Sensors Gateway and Console

The Swift Sensors Gateway collects encrypted data from sensors located within the specified communication range (up to 300 ft.) and then transmits the sensor data to the Swift Sensors Cloud through either Ethernet, WiFi, or cellular. The gateway auto detects all sensors within range and will immediately establish secure communication without any user configuration or setup. Each gateway can support up to 150 series 3 sensors.

All sensor data is logged and stored in the Swift Sensors Cloud. The console is configured to monitor and track all sensor data in the cloud. Multiple thresholds and alerts can be set separately for each browser on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

No programming is required to configure the console. An API to the Swift Sensors Platform allows integration with other data sources and 3rd party data analytics tools.


Product Features:
 Deploy sensor array in minutes.
 Tailor the number of sensors to the room.
 Monitor temperatures in real-time.
 Receive instant mobile alerts.

 Document treatment performance.
 Optimize treatment using analytics.
 Provide customers with peace of mind.

Operational Specifications
 Power – 1.8-3.6 VDC, 0.045mW Average
 Battery Type – AAA x2 Replaceable “L92” Lithium Polymer
 Operating Voltage – 1.8VDC – 3.6VDC
 Avg. Current Consumption – 16uA (Active), 500uA (Command ACK), less than 5uA (Sleep)
 Operating Temperature – -40°F to 140°F Defined by Batteries
 Operating Environment – Indoor/Outdoor, 0-95% + RH
 Average Battery Life – 6-8 years
 Communication Protocol – BLE/BT5 2.4 Ghz
 BLE Chipset – nRF52840
 TX Strength – Default +8dBm
 Range – 250 ft.–300 ft. Line of Sight, 100 ft.–150 ft. Non Line of Sight
 Encryption – 128-Bit AES Encryption
 Button Press – Click to turn on. Press and hold 2 sec. to put in sleep mode.
 LED – Green LED: 2 sec. blinking when turning on, Green LED: 2 sec. solid when entering
sleep mode
 Find My Sensor – Command from Console to blink sensor LED
 Weight – 2 oz
 Dimensions – 2.26 in. x 1.73 in x 0.73 in
 Enclosure Material – ABS PA-765+
 IP Rating – IP66
 Probe Dimensions – 3 ft. Probe Length, 50mm Capsule Length, 6mm Capsule Diameter,
3.5mm Cable Diameter
 Certifications – FCC ID: X8WBT840F, IC ID: 4100A-BT840F, CE Compliance: 2014/35/EU,
2014/53/EU, 2014/30/EU
 EMC Compliance – FCC Part 15 Class B
 Flammability Rating – UL94-0V
Measurement Specifications:
 Measurement Range: -40°C to + 125°C > 105°C for 6 hours Max
 Accuracy: 0.15°C
 Precision: 0.01°C
 Resolution: 12-Bit
 Inspection Rate: 1-30 Minutes, 5-Minute Default

Package Includes:
(20) Swift Sensors Wireless Temperature Sensors
(1) Swift Sensors Gateway

2-year manufacturer warranty