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BK10L Heater for Bed Bug Heat Treatment


The BK10 Bed Bug Heater is a bed bug heater created for apartments, homes, camps, hotels and motels (without 240-volt PTAC heater/air conditioners), and pest control companies in North America. It is a commercial-grade bed bug heater that kills the entire life cycle of bed bugs. Bed Bug Heat Doctor/Prevsol has assembled the most affordable, easy to use heater for the do-it-yourself market with a package that includes everything you need to treat and solve your bed bug problems the first time, every time. This heater weighs only 26 pounds and transporting the heater is simple with a suitcase handle and wheels.

Powerful All-in-One Bed Bug Heater

The BK10 electric bed bug heater was designed to be user-friendly in an apartment, home, camp, hotel, and for pest control professionals having no PTAC’s available for use. Bed Bug Heat Doctor offers a simple six plug system using the power outlet from six 110-volt 20-amp circuits. This is one of the most versatile bed bug heaters built for the apartment, camp, pest control and residential market. It kills bed bugs faster and more safely than the competition, requiring only 6-10 hours for heat treatment. Built to last, this heater will out perform competitors with resistors instead of coils, making it more efficient and sturdier. The BK10 Bed Bug Heater has a full one-year warranty, covering parts, labor, and shipping, and is made in America. When using this powerful bed bug heater, there is no need to use any chemical or other products to kill bed bugs. The BK10 Bed Bug Heater has 31,936 BTUs and is a one-piece compact unit weighing only 26 pounds. It is easily transported from room to room using luggage handle and wheels. It treats bed bug infestations in a room up to 400 square feet when fully powered. This bed bug heater is the best-in-class heater for apartments, camps, pest control companies and houses.


Ideal Use for BK10 bed bug heater package | Apartments, homes, camps, and pest control companies or any room or space up to 400 square feet with access to six 110-volt 20-amp circuits.

  • Built-in fan
  • Thermostat controlled
  • Luggage handle and wheels
  • Built and designed in the USA
  • 31,936 BTU
  • Weight: 26 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19”x11”x17”
  • (1) BK-10L unit
  • (1) 15’ 110-volt extension cord
  • (1) 25’ 110-volt extension cord
  • (2) 50’ 110-volt extension cords
  • (2) 100’ 110-volt extension cords
  • (1) High-Temperature fan
  • (1) Infrared temperature gun
  • (1) Instruction card
  • (1) Instruction DVD
  • (2) Sprinkler head covers
  • (1) Year manufacturer warranty on parts and labor
  • (2) Year manufacturer warranty on resistors
  • Shipping in the contiguous US is included in the warranty

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  1. Troy Johnson (verified owner)

    After carefully deciding which heater to get, I feel I made the best choice. The quality of this unit seems great and I really like that it’s made in the USA. There are similar units for about the same price but I feel this is the best. “Similar” is not the “same” and I believe this is much better quality and does a better job. It’s also nice to know that replacement parts and/or repairs services are available. This is much better than all those imported heaters. It’s a fine machine.

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