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Restoration Cartridge

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Vaportek products offered for sale by Prevsol/Bed Bug Heat Doctor are not available for export outside the USA.

Restoration Cartridges are to be used with the Restorator 5000 or Optimum 4000

S.O.S. (Smoke Odor Solution) #90-5150-85
High-Output Neutral #90-4120

Two special formulas for you to select the best option to keep areas fresh. The S.O.S. cartridge is rated for 270 hours and the high-output Neutral cartridge is rated for 120 days. The output time does depend on the machine and settings. Cartridges can last 2-4 months depending on the output. When paired with a machine, cartridges provide a powerful output of Vaportek’s Dry Vapor which pairs with odors and neutralizes them permanently. Safe to use while staff is cleaning rooms. Neutralizes where odors hide.


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1 review for Restoration Cartridge

  1. Bhavana Tailor

    We used the neutral type. We leave it in the room as per instructions for an hour . This stuff is amazing. Elimates odor just like the ozone but without the side effects and smell of ozone.

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