All-Natural Odor Control Cartridge


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Vaportek products offered for sale by Prevsol/Bed Bug Heat Doctor are not available for export outside the USA.

Odor Control Cartridges are to be used with the Restorator 5000 or Optimum 4000

S.O.S. (Smoke Odor Solution) #90-5150-85
High-Output Neutral #90-4120

All-Natural Odor Control Cartridges come in two special formulas to keep areas smelling fresh.

The S.O.S. All-Natural Odor Control Cartridge will effectively and permanently eliminate all organic odors, though it works fastest on smoke odors such as protein, wood, paper, tobacco, etc. This complex blend of essential oils is made to neutralize, not mask, tough odors. The cartridge is rated for 270 hours when used in the Restorator Odor Elimination Machine.

The high-output Neutral Odor Control Cartridge will eliminate organic odors and is rated for 270 hours in the Restorator or approximately 120 days in the Optimum 4000. The output time does depend on the machine and settings. Cartridges can last 2-4 months depending on the output. When paired with a machine, cartridges provide a powerful output of Vaportek’s All-Natural Dry Vapor which pairs with odors and neutralizes them permanently. Safe to use where people are present.

To install cartridges, simply remove the cap and plastic lining. Place on the back of the cartridge to store while in use. Place the open end of the cartridge into the back of the Restorator or Optimum 4000 machines and replace the machine’s backing.

For storage: Replace the cap in between use to extend the life of the cartridge. Store in a cool, dry location and keep away from extreme heat. Dry vapor will be affected by humidity, air flow, and temperature. Shelf life is up to one year when stored properly.