Pest Heat TPE-500 Propane Heat System Basic Package



Pest Heat TPE-500 Propane Heat System Basic Package

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The Pest Heat TPE-500 Propane Heat System delivers controlled, evenly distributed heat throughout a structure for several hours with high volumes of air movement. While temperatures are being recorded and monitored, internal temperatures are slowly raised in the space to a target temperature of 121°F to 140°F and then held for three hours. Achieving this temperature in the cracks, crevices, and hard to reach places, including furniture, is necessary for the heat to effectively penetrate and kill the entire life cycle of bed bugs, including eggs. Temperatures are then monitored and recorded remotely from numerous temperature sensors placed strategically throughout the room using the TEGAM system. This safe, non-chemical, environmentally-friendly approach is the most efficient heat treatment method for insect eradication without harming the environment. The powerful Pest Heat Heater will also kill fleas, ticks, termites, spiders, roaches, and most other insects.

The Pest Heat TPE-500 is the original and most imitated single-phase, direct-drive propane bed bug heater on the market. It produces 500,000 BTUs per hour and easily achieves target kill temperatures of 121°F to 140°F in areas as large as 2,500 square feet.

The Pest-Heat TPE-500 Propane Heat System can be found in an ever-expanding number of markets that include pest control providers, property managers, hotels, universities, camps, processing plants, the pallet industry, and the military. It is intended for professional use only. This heat package is perfect for the professional bed bug heat extermination company looking to treat bed bugs in residences, warehouses, camps, hotels, apartments, and more.

Bed Bug Heat Doctor/Prevsol offers training for any company that purchases the Pest Heat TPE-500 package in North America. Training is sold separately. Contact us today for more information.


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1 review for Pest Heat TPE-500 Propane Heat System Basic Package

  1. Michele Berdelle

    I started using these heaters over 10 years ago. To this day , my very fist heater purchased still fires up everyday to get the job done. Great product!

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