ECOZ Aromatherapy Sprays


ECOZ Aromatherapy Sprays

Vaportek products offered for sale by Prevsol/Bed Bug Heat Doctor are not available for export outside the USA.

ECOZ Aromatherapy Sprays utilize a complex blend of patented, essential oils in simple, ready-to-use formulations. These sprays provide an immediate and lasting burst of freshness. The convenient 2 oz. pocket-size spray bottle makes these sprays easy to keep with you to freshen any space. Packaged in a box of six 2 oz. bottles. 

Eliminate Odors in Health Care Facilities

Even in clean, well-maintained facilities malodors can exist. Since 1979, Vaportek products have been tested and proven in cancer care, hospitals, nursing homes, VA hospice, long-term care facilities, and more. These products meet health care requirements for safe and effective air treatment products, from home health care to surgery centers. Vaportek offers powerful, permanent removal of odors associated with incontinence or medical conditions to enhance your indoor air quality. Choose environmentally preferable odor control products and experience effective results, safe applications, ease of use, and minimal waste generation. These products offer dual-purpose solutions: odor elimination paired with aromatherapy scents.

Odor Masking vs. Odor Neutralization

To mask an odor is to increase overall odor intensity in order to forcibly cover-up and existing malodor. This means introducing a new odor that is more powerful smelling than the problematic odor you wanted to eliminate. It results in a further bombardment of perceived scents that does nothing to eliminate the source of the original malodor. 

To neutralize an odor is to eliminate or cause malodorous molecules to be imperceptible on a molecular level through direct counteractant measures with an additional compound, in this case, essential oil compound comprised of plant, flower, and tree extracts. Malodor molecules are then changed through chemical interaction, called odor-pairing or encapsulation, into a new molecular form that either no longer smells or that is not volatile enough to be perceived. In this way, the malodorous molecule is lessened to the point of non-existence as it has been broken down beyond recognition. 

When the essential oil compounds are volatilized into the air as dry vapor, they react directly with odorous molecules in the air. This molecular, chemical interaction allows these products to effectively neutralize organic malodors.

Available in 3 scents that proudly feature NO hazardous Pictograms, NO Signal Words, NO Prop 65 Ingredients, and NO GHS Label Requirements.