Working With Non-Profits

Bed Bugs in Non-Profits

PrevSol helps Non-Profits

At Prevsol and Bed Bug Heat Doctor, we have had the privilege of helping several non-profits handle their bed bug issues. We take additional pride in being able to provide pest management solutions to those in need as we provide a direct value to protecting their health and well being.

More often than not, we encounter amazing people that need to get rid of bed bugs. We witness that women’s shelters, nursing homes, rescue missions, senior care facilities, homeless shelters, places of worship, and many other great non-profit organizations all risk bed bug infestations over time. As volunteers, members, and clients all frequent these centers and groups, it can be very difficult to prevent this spread. With the expertise Jeff has to offer from his pest control experience, these companies have received one-on-one help knowing how to battle bed bugs. Jeff Zimmerman, CEO of Prevsol, enjoys being able to help these many great non-profit companies that are going through hard times or in difficult situations and have been infested with bed bugs from the foot traffic that their services bring.

Ultimately, it is very important for non-profits to address their pest issues as quickly as possible. Sometimes there is not enough time or budget to call and schedule a costly pest management professional. This is why self-treatment with simple and effective bed bug heaters is so highly valued by these groups. Overall, the team at PrevSol wants to ensure that all of our potential customers are able to make sustainable decisions that protect the future of their mission and the well-being of those they interact with.

If you are a non-profit and ever encounter a bed bug problem, please contact us and we will guide you through our online store to make sure you receive direct assistance in solving all of your bed bug problems.