Why We Use Heat

In the industry there are two basic ways to kill bed bugs, by using chemical (in the form of liquids, aerosols, or dusts) or by using heat.
Here are a few issues to contemplate if considering the use of chemical:
  • The numerus standards and increased restrictions from the EPA. Some pesticides may be less effective due to these restricted dosages.
  • Research has proven that some bed bugs have been found to be resistant to insecticides. Some bed bugs simply have the ability to survive insecticide exposure. Chemical will kill bed bugs; however, in the chance that not all the bed bugs die during the treatment – those that survive may live to produce a resistant offspring.
  • There is the possibility of allergies to the chemical being used. It’s difficult to determine or know exactly what the exposure risk might be when these products are used indoors.
  • There may not be a single insecticide that is capable of eliminating a bed bug infestation if used alone.
  • Down-time is greatly minimized. Rooms can be put back into use immediately upon completion of the heat treatment.

Our solution is a simple heat treatment to kill bed bugs. Heat will kill every bed bug – every time – 100% of the time with no additional products needed, no concerns of allergies or medical complications from chemical, and no bed bugs with built-up resistance.
Also, remember that heat treatments are a clean and organic alternative to chemical use.