Which Commercial Bed Bug Heater is Best?

A Comparison of Commercial Bed Bug Heaters on the Market Today

Bed bugs are a growing epidemic for hotels, extended stays, vacation rentals, and overnight camps. But not all commercial bed bug heaters are created equal. When an infestation strikes you want a bed bug heater that is easy to use, discrete, and cost effective. Discover below how Bed Bug Heat Doctor/PrevSol’s commercial bed bug heaters stack up to the competition.

Discrete – Trailer Unit vs. In-Room

Bed Bug Heat Doctor/PrevSol’s electric commercial heaters BK 15-277 and BK-20L are compact units that can be discretely carried to the room with the outbreak without guests being aware of what is happening. This is drastically different when compared to commercial bed bug heaters that require entire trailer units.

Business owners may often find the trailer units to be compromising to their business. Although bed bugs are extremely common, most guests are unaware of this and will be turned off at the thought of your establishment have bed bugs. The last thing they want to see outside of a hotel, apartment unit, or any other business they frequent is a bed bug heater trailer.  

Ease of Use – Electrical vs. Propane

Unlike propane commercial bed bug heaters, Bed Bug Heat Doctor/PrevSol’s electric commercial bed bug heaters do not require extra equipment. They can simply be plugged into outlets from 204 to 277-volt PTAC power. Propane units pose an extra hurdle requiring a propane tank – and enough propane to treat the entire problem area effectively before you run out. You must also configure the unit to enable the heat to be projected into the room being treated, while the propane tank remains outdoors in a ventilated area. You must do so while keeping the room tightly sealed, enabling the temperature to rise high enough to kill every bed bug in the contamination zone.

Cost – A complete set from Bed Bug Heat Doctor

Your bottom line is what is most important, so why not exterminate bed bugs while also being cost effective? Bed Bug Heat Doctor/PrevSol has your best interest in mind, that’s why when we designed each of our commercial bed bug heater systems, we wanted them to be reusable without any additional cost of propane, extension cords, or even fans to help the heat evenly distribute throughout the room. Everything you need to successfully kill bed bugs will be included with your commercial bed bug heater system.

Each of our commercial bed bug heaters come with the entire system of fans, extension cord, sprinkler head covers, infrared heat gun, instructional DVD and much more! For one manageable cost, you get everything you need to kill bed bugs the first time, every time.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about the difference between an electric bed bug heater versus propane bed bug heater or trailer bed bug heater, give us a call! Our bed bug heater experts will give you their honest opinion on your situation and help you discover what will be best for you to eliminate your bed bug problem.