What to do after heat treatment for bed bugs

I have heated the room just like the instructions directed – now what? This is a guide on what to do after heat treatment for bed bugs.

Unlike precautions following a chemical treatment, it is safe to enter the room immediately after a bed bug heat treatment. The first thing that should be done is to turn off the heater and allow the machine to cool down. Once the bed bug heater has cooled down, it can be removed along with any additional equipment like cords and fans. It is recommended to uncover the vents, open the bathroom door, and open the windows in the room to allow fresh air to circulate. Remove the sprinkler head covers after the ambient air temperature falls below 115°F.

When the room has cooled to a comfortable temperature, it is time to discard the dead bugs. Heat kills bed bugs at all life stages; consequently, there will be dead bugs, nymphs, and eggs to be discarded. Use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. Remove the bed bug remnants by thoroughly vacuuming the box spring and each side of the mattress. Take extra measures ensuring to vacuum along the mattress pipping and in any crevasses in which a bed bug could hide. Also, be sure to clean blood and fecal spots with an upholstery cleaner. If the stains cannot be removed, a mattress encasement can be used.  

How do I handle heavy bed bug infestations?

If the room had a heavy infestation, the back side of the headboard and the inside of desk and dresser drawers would need to be cleaned. After the furniture has been cleaned, baseboards & carpet edges should be vacuumed with a hose attachment. Finally, the floor should be vacuumed. It is a good idea to empty the vacuum cleaner (bagless) or change the bag when you are finished. 

Textiles like bed coverings, linens, and pillows that were removed and treated separately can now be returned. 

Remember that bed bugs can hide in the tiniest of places.

It is important to clean up the dead bed bugs after heat treatment from these areas to avoid customer panic. This may also be a convenient time to continue with a routine deep clean.  If the heat treatment was conducted correctly, there should be no need for additional treatments. The bed bugs will not return to the room unless they are reintroduced by another carrier. A residual spray (like the chemical-free Lights Out Bed Bug Killer) can be used to deter future bed bug occurrences. Heat treatment for bed bugs isn’t as scary as it sounds. We are always on standby if you need any help working through the process.

Do you have more bed bug heat treatment questions?

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