What are the advantages of using an electrostatic sprayer to disinfect your property?

The electrostatic sprayer works similar to the concept of a plastic comb picking up small pieces of paper. Remember when you were in school, running a plastic comb through your hair and then seeing whose comb could pick up more tiny pieces of paper? The comb is electrically neutral until you run it through your hair at which time it gets a positive charge. As you put the comb close to tiny pieces of paper, which naturally have a negative charge, the two are attracted to each other by static electricity.  That is how an electrostatic sprayer works. The disinfect solution is electronically neutral; however, when it travels through the nozzle, the liquid is energized with a highly positive charge. Those charged droplets are pushed toward the surface by the force of the machine. As the droplets get closer to the surface, the electrostatic force of attraction gets stronger – just like the tiny pieces of paper are attracted to the plastic comb. Since the surfaces have a negative charge, the droplets are attracted to them. If a droplet passes by a surface, such as the back side of a chair or appliance, the electrostatic force will cause the droplets to reverse direction and circle back around to the surface. Imagine spraying a bell that is on a counter or a world globe that is on a desk. With an electrostatic sprayer, there is no need to walk behind the counter or desk to spray the bell or globe – the charged droplets will have been attracted to the backside of everything that was sprayed. Also, it should be noted that positively charged droplets are not attracted to themselves. Since they repel each other, this eliminates puddles of solution.   

The electrostatic spray technology has several advantages over traditional cleaning methods. The advantages include: reaching places with a tight clearance & getting onto surfaces that are difficult to reach, achieving an evenly coated application, treating more surfaces in less time, and applying solution without the fear of pooling.  

Additionally, most hand-held electrostatic sprayers have no cords or hoses to contend with and there is no container to strap to your back.

The electrostatic sprayer is a great alternative to bringing in your entire staff to wipe down surfaces – the electrostatic sprayer can do the job more efficiently and can do it in a fraction of time, saving your operation significant resources.