OTR Trucks with Sleeper Cabs

A popular bumper sticker may have said it best, ‘Without trucks, America stops.’

An over-the-road truck driver is responsible for operating a vehicle that often weighs in excess of 40,000 pounds. You typically travel over 600 miles per day and stay out from 4 to 6 weeks at a time before coming home. You haul many different types of freight with flatbeds, reefers, dry vans, and tankers. You wait at docks and terminals to be loaded with the items that magically appear in our grocery stores and department stores every day. Items that generally are not loaded by the forklift at the distribution center, but more likely are transported in the cab, are bed bugs. Even if it is a bobtail or deadhead – bed bugs are horrible passengers to have in the cab on long hauls.

Bed Bug Heat Doctor/PrevSol has several solutions for treating sleeper cabs. Contact us to learn more about our bed bug heaters that can be used for the slip seat driver in the trucking industry and all-natural bed bug spray for any driver staying in occasional hotel rooms.

Delivering the best in bed bug eradication to those who are delivering to America!

Truckers with 110 power nearby

The BBHD Pro7 Heater will treat areas up to 275 square feet

The BBHD Pro7 Bed Bug Heater is designed to treat sleeper cabs up to 275 square feet. This unit operates on four 110-volt 15- or 20-amp circuits. This heater is equipped with 19,654 BTUs and weighs 24.5 pounds. The bed bug heater is made in America and easily transported from room to room with a suitcase handle and wheels.

More Great Products for OTR Trucking Companies

Lights out gallon and 32-ounce spray bottle, all-natural bed bug killing spray, compare to BedBug911 and Eco Defense

32 oz. or Gallon size Lights Out Bed Bug Killer Spray

Lights Out Bed Bug Spray has been developed to address the need for an effective bed bug spray without using noxious pesticides. It is made only with ingredients that qualify for the 25(b) exemption in the EPA Pesticide Regulations. When applied as directed on the label, Lights Out will kill bed bugs on contact. Lights Out is also effective on other insects – cockroaches, ants, millipedes, carpet beetles, and fleas. Any of the listed insects coming into contact with a surface treated with Lights Out will be killed for up to 30 days after application. This all-natural bed bug spray is an effective treatment that eliminates bed bugs quickly and effectively. Just spray it on a mattress, couch, or other areas where bed bugs may congregate.
Electrostatic Sprayer and Clean Republic Disinfectant, compares to Victory Electrostatic Sprayer and VitalOxide

Electrostatic Sprayer and Clean Republic for Disinfecting

The Electrostatic Handheld Sprayer and Clean Republic Disinfectant + Sanitizer Package is just what you need to keep your facility disinfected. The Electrostatic Sprayer uses the latest scientific advances to make disinfecting almost any area efficient and effective. Pair the Electrostatic Sprayer with Clean Republic Disinfectant + Sanitizer, and you have the perfect team of products. The Clean Republic Disinfectant + Sanitizer is a healthier alternative to disinfectant and cleaning solutions made with synthetic chemicals that put off toxic fumes. Covers 350-450 square feet in 5-7 minutes treating 6-10 rooms per refill. The 20V rechargeable battery makes this sprayer portable and convenient, small enough to be used almost anywhere, yet powerful enough to revolutionize your cleaning routine.
Restorator odor elimination machine is comparable to scent air or ozone machines but safe for use around people

Vaportek Products Diffuse Smells without Dangerous Ozone

Our Vaportek products treat unwanted odors such as smoke, marijuana, pets, cooking, body, and environmental. Without harmful ozone effects, these odor eliminators are safe for use in all areas, even where people are present. These unique products are made using essential oils found in nature from trees, plants, and flowers to neutralize odors. With the Dry Vapor Technology, odors are not masked but permanently neutralized as the spores are eliminated on wallboard, wood, carpeting, cement, insulation, and other surfaces. In a room 300-400 square feet, odors will be eliminated in about 1 hour.