Thermal Remediation Truck 

Bed Bug Heat Doctor thermal remediation truck with 6 480-volt heaters and 12 axial fans

Thermal Remediation Truck by Bed Bug Heat Doctor

Ideal for Pest Control Professionals needing to treat large apartments, camps, houses, high-rise buildings, and more.
  • Self-Powered & Self-Contained: Use your Ford F-350/450/550/600 diesel truck which powers our built-in PTO generator making the truck self-powered and self-contained with no need for trailers.
  • Up to 6′ Stand-Up Height: Uses your walk-in service body or box.
  • Exterior locking utility boxes with optional FOB remote locking (Service Body) available.
  • First Responder Technology: Anti-Theft Transmission Lock means you can leave the cab locked, engine running, generator and heaters on without worrying about drive-offs. Same technology used by first responders.
  • PTO Generator 75kVA/60kW 460/480-volt: chassis-mounted under the deck below equipment storage area.
  • Proprietary power distribution system: Includes lockable, truck-mounted distribution panel.
  • Up to 900-foot of power cable from the truck-mounted generator to treatment area distribution boxes. Treat up to 35-story high rise buildings.
  • 2 Power Distribution Boxes with 6 heater plug-in capability equal to up to 2400 square foot treatment area coverage.
  • Six 10kW electric, steel bed bug heaters that are made in America
  • Six 25′ heater power cords
  • Twelve fans with sealed motors: 3700 CFM, stackable, heat-rated up to 185 degrees F.

Truck and PTO Generator at additional cost

(6) BK10-480B Bed Bug Heaters

(12) BBHD AM3700 Axial Air Movers

(6) 25′ 12/4 Cables

(6) 50′ 6/4 480-Volt Cables

(6) 100′ 6/4 480-Volt Cables

(2) 480-Volt Power Distribution Boxes

(1) Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

(12) Sprinkler Covers

BK10-480B Bed Bug Heater – 1 year warranty – 3 year warranty available at extra cost

AM3700 Axial Fan – 1 year warranty

The Bed Bug Heat Doctor Thermal Remediation Truck has a power take off (PTO) that runs a generator. The truck is stocked with six BK10-480B Bed Bug Heaters and twelve BBHD AM3700 Axial Air Movers. The PTO can be added to a F-350, F-450, F-550, or F-600 diesel truck that you already own or a new or used truck. For details on converting your truck, call our National Sales Representative at 844-364-3281.

The PTO and generator expand the functionality of the truck by allowing it to power the 75kVA/60kW generator attached to the truck’s undercarriage. The truck is self-powered and self-contained making it more versatile for use in a variety of pest control applications. It contains an Anti-Theft Transmission Lock that allows for leaving the cab locked, engine running, and generator and heaters on without worrying about drive-offs. This technology is the same used by first responders. The BK10-480B Heater that comes stocked in the truck is a replacement for the TempAir EBB-460V and works in conjunction with the Thermal Remediation TempAir 480-volt generator and cabling system. Each BK10-480B Bed Bug Heater treats between 450-550 square feet and uses one 110-volt 5-amp circuit and one 480-volt 12-amp circuit. This heater is significantly more compact than any competitor’s model. The BK10-480B weighs only 26 pounds and measures 19″x13″x17″.

Additionally, the thermal remediation truck is equipped with interior shelves and up to 6’ stand-up height inside as well as exterior locking utility boxes that can be fitted with a key FOB remote locking for easy storage of cords.

Overall, PTO trucks provide pest control operators with a much more powerful, efficient, and versatile solution when compared to a trailer, traditional pick-up truck, or van.

The truck can also be used for temporary power, temporary job site heat, and restoration.

To read a more in-depth explanation of how the truck works, visit the blog Heating Up the Industry: Introducing the Powerful New Thermal Remediation Truck by Bed Bug Heat Doctor.


Call 844-364-3281 for additional details. Price starts at $57,670.00 (Truck and PTO Generator not included.)