The Best Bed Bug Heaters of 2022

If you’re in the hunt for the very best bed bug heater 2022 has to offer, you have come to the right place. The testing has been conducted and the reviews have been submitted. The best bed bug heaters on the market in 2022 have been named. We are not expecting you to blindly take our word for the results. We challenge you to check out the claims in this article and verify the facts. Facts surrounding how BTUs are calculated and how square footage is determined by those BTUs, the quality difference between products built in America versus products that are shipped here from China, and what exactly is covered and what is NOT covered in the warranties. As the online presence of bed bug heater distributors continues to grow and expand its footprint on the Google stage, it is sometimes difficult to decide which machines are truly a quality product and which machines are cheaply assembled and thrown to the market in haste to render a buck for those selling them.

BBHD Pro7 – Voted #1 for small room applications

The BBHD Pro7 is designed specifically for homeowners looking to treat a bedroom or living area without using a 220 receptacle. It is also recommended for small areas such as apartments, hot boxes/rooms, portable heat chambers, and emergency vehicles such as an ambulance or rescue truck. The BBHD Pro7 is an all 110-volt bed bug heater that will treat up to 275 square feet without the need of 220/240 power convertor boxes. It is powered by four 15- or 20-amp circuits. Its heat is produced from nearly 20,000 BTUs of energy. The heater weighs less than 25 pounds and can easily be transported with its suitcase pull handle and sturdy cargo wheels or by the two lift handles on the top of each side. It has a built-in fan and does not need additional fans to produce heat. This heater is designed and built in the USA. This electric heater produces heat with resistors as opposed to lightweight coils. The resistors are rugged and are under warranty for two years. Just like the other BBHD and BK heaters, shipping is always free on these units.

SISU Sleeptight 800 – Voted #1 for pest control operators for use in apartments & homes

The SISU Sleeptight 800 is the only propane heater that has been designed specifically for pest control professionals. Barrel type propane heaters were originally built for water remediation and construction use. Over the years, these units have been modified with changes to provide heat for killing bed bugs. However, unlike the barrel heaters, the SISU Sleeptight 800 was designed specifically for killing bed bugs. The most unique and differentiating quality of this heater is the safety protocols that allow the unit to be placed directly in the area being treated without the need of mylar ducting from the outside. This technology has now been patented in the United States. The SISU Sleeptight 800 can treat an area up to 1000 square feet. It is far superior to its competition in terms of efficiency. This heater will use only two 20-pound tanks of propane for 4-6 heat treatments. Within only 30-60 minutes, the Sleeptight 800 will get to the target temperature in a typical treatment area. The unit can generate up to 80,000 BTUs per hour of heat capacity. It is OMNI certified to ANSI Z83.7 for US and Canada. The fresh air module along with the on-board Carbon Dioxide & Temperature monitoring makes this bed bug heater one of the safest propane units in the industry.

BK10-480B – Voted #1 in 3-phase heaters for pest control companies

Pest control operators across the nation who have used the cumbersome TempAir systems are extremely excited to learn about the new heater that is replacing the 4-foot tall, 130-pound upright older system. The new BK10-480B Bed Bug Heater is just 17” tall and 13” wide weighing only 26 pounds. This 10-kilowatt heater has nearly 34,000 BTUs. It is powered with one 110-volt 5-amp circuit and one 480-volt 12-amp circuit. It will treat 400-500 square feet. It has a built-in fan and is thermostat-controlled. Pest control technicians, who have needed two people to lug the old units in and out of the service trucks, are thrilled to have the luggage handle and wheels in the convenient and portable design to easily transport the heater alone. This heater was specifically designed to operate in conjunction with the Sunbelt TempAir generator and cabling systems.

BBHD12 – Voted #1 for hotels

Based on the mathematical calculations of the BTUs, this powerful bed bug heater will easily treat up to 450 square feet. The BBHD12 Heater is proudly manufactured by Union Steel Workers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania making replacement parts readily available if ever needed. It is made of metal rather than molded plastic reducing risk of melting or fire hazards. Hotel personnel can easily use the BBHD12 Bed Bug Killer Heater with power from the PTAC receptacle. Its heat is generated from 40,944 BTUs and distributed by a built-in high temperature fan. Both storage and transport of the heater is no problem since it has a luggage handle and wheels and weighs only 26 pounds. None of the distributors carrying this product charge shipping to the contiguous United States. It comes standard with a three-year full warranty including parts, labor, and shipping.

Where do we go from here? Still looking for the best bed bug heaters on the market in 2022?

Shopping for a bed bug heater is an exercise in relentless research. In a complex and competitive market, you are certain to find some excellent models that will meet your specific criteria as well as some perfectly advertised models that may seem fit-the-bill, but you are just not sure. We trust the information that has been presented in this article will help you to parse between the just okay and the excellent.

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