The Best Bed Bug Heater for Your Hotel or Vacation Rental

The start of summer signifies the start of travel season. This wonderful time of year is not so wonderful for hotels and vacation rentals because of the dreaded bed bug infestation. As the number of travelers increases to your property, so does the likelihood of bed bugs making your place their permanent residence.

You know that a bed bug out break can come out of nowhere: a guest’s suitcase may pick up a few dozen bed bugs while in baggage claim at the airport, or a guest could have set their purse down in the wrong area, picking up bed bugs seemingly out of nowhere. Unfortunately, these pests are now at your property to be seen and picked up by other guests. Be able to act fast to keep the problem from spreading and other guests from knowing anything that’s going on by purchasing a bed bug heater today

Bed Bug Heater Recommendations

Don’t just pick any of our heaters, make sure you have the correct heater deigned for your specific needs. We have taken the time to study bed bug’s habits and the places they like to call home, then we designed bed bug heaters to specifically address these issues. Below you can find our expert heater recommendations for your hotel or vacation rental based on square footage and power supply.

BK 15 -277

The BK 15 -277 is ideal for hotels with large suites and vacation rentals because of the large 600 square foot area that this heater can cover. This heater system also comes equipped with a fan to ensure the heat put out by the heater circulates throughout the entire large area.

BBHD Pro-12

The BBHD Pro-12 has come to be a favorite heater in the hotel industry because it produces the perfect amount of output to heat and kill bed bugs in your typical hotel room. Like all of our heaters, it is discreet and efficient. Have your hotel room back up in operation in just six to eight hours with this heater.

BBHD Pro-7

The BBHD Pro-7 is the right bed bug heater for you if you are heating rooms that are 250-300 square feet in size. This heater runs on a runs on four 12-amp outlets and a 120-volt circuit, making it great for exterminating bed bugs just about anywhere on your property.

For more information, or for help finding the best bed bug heater for your needs, contact us today!