11 more things to consider when shopping for the best electric bed bug heater for your situation

11 more things to consider when shopping for the best electric bed bug heater for your situation

This article is part two of our discussion on how to cut through all the hyped-up advertising that you have seen and heard, such as, “the most powerful bed bug heater on the market” or “the best bed bug heater in the industry”. In it, you will find some additional helpful tips to consider when searching for the best bed bug heater for your situation. Remember, buying an electric bed bug heater is not simply a purchase – it is an investment. By engaging the following simple principles when investing in a bed bug heater, we are convinced that you will be happy with the return on your investment – saving hard earned money while getting a quality product.

1. What about electrical certifications?

There are a few different certifications that you may find advertised in conjunction with an electric bed bug heater. A bed bug heater normally does not have a UL listing. UL listing are mostly used for residential electronic devices such as a toaster, blender, etc. Some bed bug heaters have an EPA registration number. EPA numbers are required for pesticide products.

Since electric bed bug heaters kill bed bugs with heat and do not contain, produce, or use pesticides – an EPA registration number is not required or needed. An EPA registration number has nothing to do with performance or safety of an electric bed bug heating device. This number simply indicates which company holds the registration for a particular pesticide product and the sequence in which the number was obtained.

The highest safety certification for an electric bed bug heater is from the CSA – (formerly Canadian Standards Association). The CSA registered mark indicates that a product has been independently tested and certified to meet recognized global standards for both safety and performance.

2. What about portability when shopping for the best electric bed bug heater?

Portability is very important. A pull handle and wheels are a necessity when considering the portability of a bed bug heater. Read the specifications on the heater you are considering to determine the total weight and the number of pieces or components it requires.  Look for a heater that you or your staff would not have any problem handling; otherwise, it no longer becomes a DIY process.

3. What about reputation?

It is important that you take the time to do your homework on the manufacturer of the heater, the distributor of the heater, and the service satisfaction of those who have purchased a heater from a distributor in the past. Study what it is you are actually buying – there are some bed bug heaters on the market which are simply restoration equipment that has been altered to work in a different capacity. Check out reviews, check other companies, check with other hotel owners, read third party reviews, Google reviews, and Facebook reviews & comments. 

Ask for references of people in the field who have purchased the heater you are considering buying. Ask about their bed bug heat treatment success rate. If you are in the hospitality industry, you should verify that the distributor which is selling the bed bug heater is a certified vendor for your hotel brand. Also look at the partnerships and brand affiliations of the bed bug heater distributor.  

4. What about durability?

You will need to consider, in advance, if the bed bug heater you are wanting to purchase will be able to withstand your intended use. Professional pest control technicians will be continually moving the heater from job site to job site and in and out of a truck or trailer. Quality products are always more durable and will last longer. 

5. How important is unit weight when shopping for the best electric bed bug heater?

Weight is a key component when considering a bed bug heater investment. When bed bug heaters were first introduced into the industry, they often weighed over 100 pounds. Over the years with the aid of advanced technology, bed bug heaters have become more powerful and weigh less. You need to consider bed bug heaters that can easily be transported up and down a set of stairs. Consider the combined weight if the bed bug machine has multiple pieces and attachments.

The end goal when considering weight is to find a bed bug heating unit that is lightweight enough to be comfortable to handle without sacrificing a few pounds for a quality product.  

6. What safety features should I look for?

Essential safety features include a high temperature switch, a tip-over switch, and a thermostat. Look for a bed bug heater that has power cords which run directly from the machine to the receptacle outlet. Also, it is very important that the bed bug heaters be designed with locking power cords. Locking power cords normally have a twist-lock feature that keeps them from coming unplugged or vibrating loose during a heat treatment.    

7. Does it really matter if the bed bug heat machine for sale is made in the USA or China?

Yes, there are several issues to consider when purchasing a bed bug heater from China. Most bed bug heaters manufactured in China are built with coils instead of resistors. This is because a resistor would corrode in the salty atmosphere of the transportation process.

If quality is important to you, you definitely need to think twice before purchasing a heater built in China. The USA generally has higher manufacturing standards. Union facilities have specific codes and standards that must be strictly adhered. The quality assurance procedures in American-made bed bug heaters are far superior to that of a bed bug heater made in other parts of the world.  

Also, consider the current state of our economy and trade relationship between the USA and China. The cost of tariffs and taxes that have been imposed will be passed on to you the consumer. As opposed to Chinese-made heaters, domestic replacement parts are built here. There is no need to worry about availability or tariff costs.  

8. Is it necessary to purchase an entire package or can I just buy a bed bug heater?

Most always a bed bug heat treatment package is the way to go. A bed bug heater is no good without cords. Using older cords on a new bed bug heater is not recommended. There are usually sales that include highly discounted or included accessories. It is typically more expensive to buy a bed bug heater while purchasing the accessories separately. Be sure to keep this in mind shopping for the best electric bed bug heater.  

9. What is the life expectancy of a bed bug heater?

The answer to this question is entirely based upon the amount of use that the bed bug heater gets, how it is stored, and the care with which the bed bug heater is treated. If cared for properly, a quality American-made bed bug heater should last 3-7 years with an average use between 2-3 times per week. The bed bug units that are shipped to the United States from China may have a shorter life expectancy.   

10. How many additional fans are needed with a bed bug heater?

A good bed bug heater should not require any additional fans to help create heat. A minimum of two fans is normally recommended with a treatment area starting at 600 square feet. Additional fans will be needed as the square footage increases. Also, if you need to move air around furniture or walls, a fan will be required.

11. Is convection heat important when shopping for the best electric bed bug heater?

All bed bug heaters work with convection technology. This basically means that as the bed bug machine heats up the air, that warm air is then circulated back through the bed bug heater. So, the bed bug heater makes the hot air even hotter each time it passes through the bed bug machine. Don’t be fooled by distributors who advertise that more fans equal more heat. Fans do not produce heat. Fans are simply used to move the heated air.

… the bottom line when shopping for the best electric bed bug heater for you …

There does seem to be a lot of noise in the marketplace about bed bug heat equipment for sale. However, when you apply the ideas we have just shared, you will find that it is not nearly as confusing as it first seems. You can feel confident in the decision you have made when purchasing an electric bed bug heater.

Are you still shopping for the best electric bed bug heater?

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