Protection with Bed Bug Mattress Encasements

Most often, bed bug infestations are initially discovered on the mattress. Since bed bugs are nocturnal and humans are their host, a warm mattress is like a drive-in restaurant for them!
Once they’ve made contact with the bed, bed bugs can lay eggs on the mattress and build their homes near their food source. There is a simple and affordable way to prevent bed bugs from infesting your mattresses, and our encasements are the perfect solution for you.
The principle behind our mattress encasements is simple: keep bed bugs out at all cost. The best part? “All cost” turns out to be around the same price as a regular mattress cover. Made with industry-leading designs and seamless synthetic materials that block bed bugs from entering your mattress, our encasements act as physical shields against these invasive insects. They are engineered for incredible durability and bed bug prevention. Additionally, our bed bug mattress encasements are waterproof, mold proof, and stain resistant. This makes them great for protecting you from more than just bed bugs.
With encasements from Bed Bug Heat Doctor/PrevSol, you can protect your mattresses and conserve resources by avoiding costly treatment and mattress replacement.
Just what is a 25(b) exempt pesticide product?

Pesticides are chemical agents which kill, mitigate, or inhibit a pest. The pest can be an insect, a fungus, a virus, or bacteria, etc. The US EPA has identified a list of inert ingredients, considered to have very low to no toxicity, which can be used to formulate a pesticide with the 25(b) active ingredients. These products are not required to be registered as pesticides by the EPA. There are certain other conditions which these products have to meet, including very specific labeling requirements, prior to bringing these products to market.

Lights Out is perfect for travelers to spray on luggage, belongings, hotel rooms, and beds. It is both effective and safe.

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