Serve Your Community by Preventing Bed Bugs

It is an unfortunate truth that whenever your business has lots of people moving in and out, you don’t know what they’re bringing in and leaving with. Resale shops and thrift stores can provide a lot of value to the local community, but they can also be a source of a bed bug infestation, quickly spreading from one pile of donated clothing to the next.

How to Avoid Bringing Bed Bugs Home With You

The same goes for shelters, which commendably serve the homeless community by providing a safe, warm place to sleep at night – but also struggle with the reality of lots of different strangers coming in and out on a daily basis, just like any hotel or motel.

Sadly, bed bugs are so prevalent that they are hard to avoid, especially in these two environments where they have the most opportunity to thrive, spread, and latch on to their next victim.

Preventing or Treating Your Bed Bug Problem

Fortunately, there are a lot of options for preventing and treating bed bugs, depending on your current issue. An investment in one of our products will prevent you from spending much, much more in the long term.

If you are seeking to prevent bed bugs, or isolate a pile of clothes or piece of furniture you have identified as infested, then a ZAPPBUG Portable Bed Bug Heater might be your best option. You can put the object in question in this portable and reusable chamber, where it heats up to 120-155 degrees, killing your bed bug problem in six hours. The chambers come in multiple sizes: some small enough for a pile of donated clothing, and some large enough to accommodate a sizable piece of furniture like a bed or chair.

The portable heaters are excellent, as long as you know for sure your problem is limited to one object. If you even suspect that your shelter has a widespread bed bug problem, or you can see that one infested donation has traveled to other donations in your resale shop, then consider whole room bed bug heater systems. An investment in a whole room heater system, which comes with all the accessories you need to implement a total eradication of bed bugs, will protect the health of your community, and the reputation of your business.


We believe that heat treatment is the best treatment. Bed bugs have built up a resistance to pesticides, and misapplication of these pesticides can be a danger to your customers and cause your furniture to smell like the chemicals. We have done our research and are dedicated to providing you with your best option for the community you serve every day.

Help Your Community Today

Not treating your bed bug problem in your resale shop can generate a very negative reputation of your store that will spread faster than the bed bugs themselves. Keep your happy customers and your business alive by killing bed bugs: consider our full line of bed bug treatments to keep your shop safe.

If you run a homeless shelter that is suffering from a bed bug problem, don’t contribute to the already extremely difficult lives of the marginalized population you are trying to serve. Give them even more support during their times of need by seeing which option works best for your shelter.

Whether you’re preventing or treating your bed bug issue, one purchase gives you everything you need to quickly and efficiently rid yourself of these harmful and contagious pests.