ZappBug Bed Bug Heater


The ZappBug Bed Bug Heater is perfect for the frequent traveler who needs to treat luggage and other small items, for EMT’s and other 1st responders who need to regularly treat bags and clothing after entering homes with bed bugs, as well as many other applications. The ZappBug Heater is an affordable bed bug heat treatment method effective for treating specific items such as bedding, clothing, shoes, electronics, children’s toys, books, files, luggage, and other small household items. Heat treatment kills all life stages of bed bugs that may have tagged along.

This is the smallest bed bug heat chambers from ZappBug, measuring 23″ x 37.5″ x 23″ and weighing only 11 pounds. The ZappBug Heater is easy for a single person to set up and fold down. It folds flat for convenient storage and space saving. This heat chamber only requires one 120-volt circuit to run. All ZappBug Heat Chambers have a durable internal frame that allows for up to 50% more capacity per load than the competition.


Bed bugs begin to die when the ambient temperature reaches 113°F and die within minutes at 120°F. These temperatures are low enough to be safe for most of your belongings, including electronics. For a full list of items that should not be heat treated, view our pre-project checklist. Most treatment times are around 6 hours but can be anywhere from 3-8 hours.


Bed bugs are very adept at quickly evolving resistance to pesticides, and while new pesticides are constantly being developed, their use will always be an uphill battle. With heat treatment there’s no danger of chemical misapplication or even just the inconvenience of repeated servicing and furniture that reeks of pesticides.


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