Sleeptight 800 Basic Package

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(1) Propane Heater (Propane tank not included)
(1) Fresh Air Module
(1) 25′ Propane Hose

  • Setup and produce heat in as little as 5 minutes
  • 30-60 minutes to achieve target temperature in a typical treatment area
  • 4-8 hours total treatment time for 800-1000 square feet depending on construction materials and insulation
  • No cumbersome ductwork or circuit splitters required
  • No direct outdoor access necessary
  • Uses two 110/120 VAC outlet for operation
  • Transports easily to treatment areas by a single operator
  • Easily moves in elevators, narrow hallways, and stairways
  • Designed to roll right into the treatment area
  • Equipment requires minimal operator training
  • 11 hours of continuous operation on two standard 20 pound propane tanks
  • OMNI certified to ANSI Z83.7 for US and Canada
  • System uses digital thermostat to maintain desired target temperature
  • Proven combustion technology
  • Multiple integrated safety sensors
  • Continuous CO and temperature monitoring
  • Integral fresh air makeup system
The Sleeptight 800 Heater is designed to roll right into the infested area. Its compact size readily transports through small elevators and narrow hallways. Using less than 3.5 amps, the Sleeptight 800 Propane Bed Bug Heater plugs into a single 110/120 VAC outlet and provides up to 80,000 BTU/HR of heat capacity. The Sleeptight 800 utilizes standard 20 pound propane tanks, the same tanks used on home BBQ grills. This high heat capacity, equal to 23.4 kW of comparable electric heaters, allows this heater to quickly raise the temperature to treat areas 800-1000 square feet. Digital temperature controls make setting the target temperature simple and safe. Automatic operation allows the system to hold the desired treatment temperature range in the infested area. Effective heat treatments can be completed in as little as 4 hours for smaller spaces and 8 hours for larger 2-bedroom units. 
The Sleeptight 800 provides a compact, mobile design for maneuvering in stairwells, over curbs, and through tight hallways. This system transports easily and has minimal footprint. It is the ideal choice for applications where maximum mobility is needed. This propane heater is perfect for pest control operators and property managers that face variability in dwelling types and transport equipment often. This system is designed to bring air in one side and discharge the heated air out the other three sides for even temperature distribution. 
The Sleeptight 800 Propane Bed Bug Heater utilizes the same proven burner technology found in millions of commercial gas appliances around the world. This technology provides high heat capacity to quickly treat the bed bug infested area. The systems have built-in temperature, airflow, and flame monitoring. Continuous Carbon Monoxide monitoring provides fast system shut down in the event of elevated CO levels in the treatment area. 
  • Kills all life stages of bed bugs in one fast treatment using no harmful chemicals
  • Designed to operate in the treatment space
  • High heat capacity using a single 120VAC outlet for the heater
  • No searching for multiple electrical circuits
  • No need for extension cords running everywhere
  • No cumbersome ductwork
  • Immediate occupancy after treatment
  • Treat furniture and belongings in place

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1 review for Sleeptight 800 Basic Package

  1. Rev. E. Brian Diggs

    As the Executive Director of a homeless shelter for families in Salt Lake City, my days are never the same. In fact, I spent a day using my new Sleeptight 800 SISU bedbug heater in one of our shelters. I can’t tell you how much owning our own unit has saved our organization and has offered us peace of mind. Knowing our families are safe and secure at night allows our staff to sleep better at night. And just as important to us is having the ability to call and get a real person (Jeff) who is willing to guide us in our eradication efforts — Bed Bug Heat Doctor/Prevsol customer support is simply amazing.

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