Overnight Camp Protection from Bed Bugs

Each year, overnight camps are plagued with dreaded bed bug infestations because campers bring the pests with them on luggage, blankets, or pillows. The worst part is that they don’t go back home with the camper who brought them – they stay and spread!

Be prepared to stop a bed bug infestation by arming yourself now with the necessary tools: a ZAPPBUG heater and a Bed Bug Heater System. Both of these products kill bed bugs dead – easily, safely, and effectively.

Why Kill Bed Bugs with Heat Instead of Pesticide Treatments

The Bed Bug Heat Doctor is most effective at eliminating bed bugs the first time because of our “heat, don’t treat” method. We follow the facts and eliminate the guess work of when, and how often, to continue pesticide treatments. Because bed bugs and their larvae will always die when they are in an environment that reaches over 120 degrees for a set period of time, you never have to guess with heat. We have perfected this method with our full line of bed bug heater products.

Bed bugs have become resilient to pesticides, making them only about 50% effective. In addition to being ineffective, pesticides are harmful to health and the environment. The Bed Bug Heat Doctor/PrevSol’s heaters have been specifically designed to kill bed bugs without causing harm to the operator’s health.

Kill Bed Bugs on Small Items with a ZAPPBUG Heater

Prevsol Bed Bug Heat Doctor’s ZAPPBUG heaters are portable chambers that hold individual items, allowing you to kill bed bugs on an isolated item like a mattress, suitcase, or bedding. Simple and easy to use, place the desired items into the chamber, zip it, and turn it on. The ZAPPBUG will heat up to over 120 degrees, killing all bed bugs and larvae in about six hours.

Bed Bug Heaters Eliminate Bed Bugs in Whole Cabins

Another must-have for overnight camps, the Prevsol Bed Bug Heat Doctor’s bed bug heaters allow you to kill bugs in a larger area. With the ability to heat an entire cabin, our bed bug heaters are perfect for an outbreak that has spread. Discrete, fast and effective, these heaters can stop an infestation while campers are out doing daytime activities or can be used to treat cabins after each round of campers leave to ensure sleeping quarters are bug-free.

Find the Best Bed Bug Treatment for Your Overnight Camp

Not sure which ZAPPBUG or Bed Bug Heater is best for you? Contact our experts today  to be matched with the perfect product for your specific needs.