More Travelers, More Bed Bugs

According to a new national survey from AARP Travel, Americans are eager to travel, booking trips for 2019 earlier than in years past. This is great news for the hospitality industry – and great news for bed bugs. People have traveled farther and more often in the last few decades, which has created an ideal environment for the pests: just one bed bug hiding in a suitcase can reproduce to the thousands, and travel with your guests, wherever they go.

The perception that bed bugs live only in unclean, side-of-the-highway hotels or motels is false. Bed bugs are an industry-wide problem, and nearly 82% of U.S. hotels have been treated for bed bugs in the past year, with each hotel spending an average of $6,383 per bed bug incident. These numbers do not factor in likely litigation costs from infected guests, or the lowering of value of your hotel/motel due to unsavory reputation.

Negative online reviews and news of bed bug infestations can directly damage your hard-earned reputation, which in turn can hurt your revenue, as most travelers now consider online reviews before booking. Needless to say, preventative and proactive bed bug treatment should be every hotelier’s priority.

Protect Your Business and Your Guests

There is no telling when, why, or how you got your bed bug problem. The fact is: hotels and motels have so many guests coming in and out of rooms every day that it is nearly impossible to keep track. Whether you work for a roadside motel chain or an upscale beach-side resort does not matter: all are equally as vulnerable to bed bug infestations.

While you may not have control over who is coming and going, you do have control over what measures to take to deal with bed bugs.

Whether you are experiencing a bed bug problem or seeking to prevent an infestation, Prevsol Bed Bug Heat Doctor has designed a line of bed bug heater systems that are made specifically for hotels and the hospitality industry to stop bed bugs in their tracks. Our heaters are made in the U.S.A. to be lightweight for efficiency, speed, and convenience, and include a suitcase handle wheels for easy transportation.

It is always an option to use chemical treatments to treat a bed bug infestation. Unfortunately, most bed bug species are immune or becoming immune to chemical treatments. Heat treatment is the only 100% effective way to kill bed bugs. Bed bugs die at 111 degrees, and their eggs die at 117 degrees. Our heaters are set to 140 degrees in order to get into the cracks and crevices of the hotel room you are treating. No extra fans are needed, and it will not damage any electronics.

You can use this one-time investment as many times as you need, saving thousands of dollars over the course of many years. Owning one of our hotel bed bug heaters means you can treat an infected room within 6-8 hours, getting the room back in service the same day, with no lost revenue. Use this heater in every room in your hotel for bed bug prevention too.

Get Ready Now for An Infestation

Actively engaging in preventative and proactive bed bug treatment will save you time, money, and energy, and will provide peace of mind to you and your guests. Preserve the reputation you worked so hard to build by immediately eliminating bed bugs from your hotel/motel today. Not sure where to start, or which treatment is best for you? We are available to help you find the right bed bug heater for your hotel/motel quickly and efficiently.

Everything You Need to Know About Bed Bugs