Killing Bed Bugs in the Workplace

Many city, state, and federal government workers must enter private homes on a daily basis as an essential part of their job. To most this may seem like no big deal, but to those entering homes having no idea what awaits them on the other side, this is scary!

Everything You Need to Know About Bed Bugs

The main culprit plaguing so many homes are bed bugs. Social workers, city inspectors, and so many others are not only bringing these nasty pests home with them, they are bringing them into their work vehicle and office. Just imagine City Hall crawling with bed bugs, and you have no idea until one comes home with you!

Not to worry, there is a solution for all other city, state, and federal government employees – heat. Yes, something so simple can solve all your bed bug problems Bed bugs have become resilient to chemical pesticides, making them only 50% effective. With so few bed bugs killed from this method, chemicals will hardly put a dent in most bed bug infestations. This reason is exactly why the Bed Bug Heat Doctor created his full line of heat-based methods. Bed bugs will die at 111 degrees while their larvae is destroyed at 117 degrees, making heat the only sure method to eradicate these pests.

The Bed Bug Heat Doctor has designed two effective options to target and kill bed bugs the first time, every time. Our bed bug heater systems are designed to kill all bed bugs and their larvae in an infested room, while Our ZAPPBUG HEATER targets bed bugs that are lurking on clothes, shoes, and other personal belongings.

Bed Bug Heater System

Our Bed Bug Heater Systems are designed to be efficient and discreet for easy use in any setting. With several power options available, we have the system to meet your needs, whether that’s exterminating bed bugs from a large office space or a small locker room. Our heaters are simple to use and require no previous training. Everything you need to exterminate is included in the kit, even an instructional DVD.  

ZAPPBUG Portable Heat Chamber

Bed Bug Heat Doctor’s ZAPPBUG HEATERS are a portable heat chamber that can kill bed bugs on anything that can fit within the chamber in hours. Heating up to 120 degrees, the ZAPPBUG kills bed bugs and their larvae in about six hours. These are perfect for placing your clothes, shoes, and job-related items inside. With several sizes available, we have the ZAPPBUG to fit your needs.

Contact the Bed Bug Heat Doctor today for help with all of your bed bug needs! Call 844-364-3281 today!