How Bed Bugs Can Negatively Affect Your Business

It’s no secret that a bed bug infestation in any business is bad news. Bed bugs are one of the most feared (and historically, one of the most difficult to treat) pests out there. An infestation in your business can mean major damages to your property, your pocketbook, and your reputation.

In this guide, our professionals at PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor discuss the many ways in which bed bugs can negatively affect your enterprise. (Particular emphasis will be given to the hospitality industry, though many of the negative effects touched on in this guide affect more than just hotels.) We’ll also provide information on our own line of highly-effective bed bug heaters, a great choice for exterminating bed bugs discretely from any commercial space. Read on to learn more. Stop bed bugs in their tracks with PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor today!

Health Risks for Employees and Guests

Perhaps the clearest problem bed bugs pose to any business is the cumulative set of health risks they can bring to employees and guests. Much a like a home infestation, a bed bug infestation in your business can lead to bites, itching, and scratching for anyone who encounters these tiny space invaders. If you are the owner of a hotel or other hospitality location, bed bugs on your premises can lead to sleepless nights and major trauma for your guests. Though no studies to date have shown that bed bugs can transmit diseases to humans, their bites and sleep-wrecking tendencies are enough to cause discomfort for anyone under your roof. This can have major implications for your business at large.

Brand Degradation

Should word get out that you have a bed bug infestation in your business, your reputation can take a major hit. In today’s tech-driven age, word travels quickly: guests are often quick to share their experiences with hotels and other businesses online, especially if those experiences are negative. Negative experiences lead to negative reviews, which are bound to hurt your business, as the majority of travelers consider online reviews before visiting or staying in certain places. Even just one bed bug incident can lead to a negative review or two — which can be read by guests online for years after the incident itself.

Lowered Values of Accommodation and Stakeholder Value

A tarnished reputation due to a bed bug infestation can lead to more than just bad publicity. It can also affect the value of your business overall. This especially true for hotels. When compared side-by-side with reports of bed infestations, a look at the ebb and flow of hotel pricing indicates that even a single report of bed bugs can lead to the value of a hotel room dropping significantly in both the cases of business and leisure travelers. Put simply, in the wake of a bed bug infestation, you likely won’t be able to charge as much for rooms and expect the same amount of business. If your bed bug infestation makes headlines or gets social media traction, you’ll also have to be prepared for lowered stakeholder value as your business takes a hit.

Increased Costs and Operational Expenses

In addition to a causing damage to your reputation and forcing you to lower your rates, a bed bug infestation in your hotel or business will lead to a significant number of expenses on your end. At the bare minimum, you’ll incur a financial loss investing in a bed bug treatment solution, and you’ll likely lose money due to lost guests during treatment. Your room may be out of service for up to two weeks.  You may also have to replace your mattresses, sheets, and furniture in infested rooms. In some cases, you may be facing a lawsuit (or two) from guests or employees. This can lead to legal expenses straight out of your pocket. Should your business take a big reputation hit, you may also find yourself having to do extra damage control in the form of advertising and publicity, all of which come with significant price tags.

Treat Bed Bugs in Your Business with PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor

If you do encounter a bed bug infestation in your hotel or other business, it’s important to take care of it as efficiently, effectively, and discretely as possible so as to minimize exposure to guests and employees, guard against long-term reputation damage, and avoid exorbitant costs overall. For 100%-effective bed bug extermination that can be used again and again in hotels and other commercial settings, there is no better choice than a PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor heater.

Heat kills all bed bugs at temperatures of 111°F or higher (117°F for bed bug eggs). Our PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor heaters heat spaces to temperatures up to 140°F to kill all bed bugs in an enclosed room in just 6-10 hours. Simply watch our treatment instruction video found on  By evening, you’ll have a completely bed bug-free room. In addition to their overall effectiveness, our heaters are free of toxic chemicals, portable, easy-to-use and Made in the USA. No more waiting for bug removal professionals in your area. No more pest control vehicles parked in front of your business for bed bug treatments. With a bed bug heater from PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor, you can take care of bed bugs efficiently and effectively whenever they pop up. Visit our Solutions page for more information about our bed bug heaters for hotels and other commercial locations. Order your bed bug heater with us today!