Bed & Breakfasts

“Did you hear what happened to me last night?”

Part of the adventure of a Bed & Breakfast conversation is discussing with fellow travelers your destinations, culinary delights, adventures, and experiences. How embarrassing it is when the wretched topic of bed bugs enters the conversation.
Many B&Bs offer services and amenities specifically tailored to the requests and needs of individual guests. One need that never should be tailored is the extermination of bed bugs. Our bed bug heaters eliminate the tailoring of chemical use, allergy risks, and re-treatments.
Check out the heaters we recommend for B&Bs and rest assured knowing that bed bugs are eliminated the first time, every time – avoiding those unwanted conversations about bed bugs.

Extended Stays

It has been said, “When you see cranes nearby, extended-stay hotels are full.”

Whether it’s due to super commuters, the gig economy, projects & temporary assignments, or short-term housing solutions; the weekly properties are growing stronger in the marketplace. Extended stays are similar to renting an apartment, but with no fixed contracts. Occupants can check out whenever they wish.
Unfortunately, bed bugs – like the old classic tune – may also check out anytime they please, but they never leave!
Don’t allow bed bugs to become an extended stay guest. Check in with us today to help your bed bugs check out for good. We have the equipment needed to kill bed bugs the first time every time so your weekly properties can be a safe and welcoming home-away-from-home.


Can you afford to give away 50 rooms at your property this year?

Well, that is exactly what you risk doing when you encounter a bed bug infestation.

According to an Orkin Pest Control research project, “Behind the Cost of Bed Bugs: Hospitality Industry Report”, hotels spend an average of $6,383 for a bed bug infestation. Considering the replacement of soft goods, treatment, and loss of business – this is the equivalent of nearly 50 paid nights.
Have you discovered bed bugs at your property?

If you want to take steps to avoid having your property getting a negative bed bug review, if you want to avoid incurring astronomical litigation expenses, if you want to eradicate bed bugs efficiently in a non-toxic and environmentally friendly way … we recommend our bed bug heaters!
A one-time investment in our high-performing, US-made bed bug heaters can save you thousands of dollars in pest control costs.


Be careful where you step!

Making our way in from the parking lot to check in at the front desk is not nearly as adventurous as it was before the advent of motorized transportation. In years-gone-by, Inns provided accommodation for the traveler’s horse as well. Yes, many things have changed over the years at our wonderful, quaint inns. However, one thing that has not changed is the nuisance a bed bug can be.
At your inn, you may no longer be battling horse files near a hitching post; but if you are fighting a war with bed bugs – we have the perfect weapon for you.
Check out our line of bed bug heaters that can organically and efficiently defeat bed bugs 100% of the time.


Be careful where you step!

Allow your mind to drift up the mountains or out near the lake to your favorite ski/golf resort or to a romantic aspen timber lodge. You will be reminded of a magnificent natural setting, big log beams, rustic décor, shoulder mounted mammals, trophy displayed cold water trout, and little bugs under the pillows and on the mattress – oh no, wait! … that’s just not right …
Don’t let bed bugs taint the memories of your customer’s serene get-a-way. Contact us today to learn about the products we carry to preserve precious memories without the recollection of bed bug incidents.


Be careful where you step!

Which will you find in small towns & villas, along busy highways & byways, or in a simple country setting in a remote paradise? Motel or Hotel? Well, when it comes to bed bugs … there is no difference between a motel and a hotel! Although the perception by some may be that bed bugs make their home in the big city high-rise hotels, the truth is that bed bugs find their way into our local motels too.
A motel is a welcome sight to weary to travelers who are looking for some rest & comfort in a rural town. However, that experience can quickly turn bad when bed bugs get involved.

Our heaters are a great solution for your motel. Regardless of your wall construction or power source, we have a bed bug heater that can kill any bed bugs that may invade your motel.