Heating Up the Industry: Introducing the Powerful New Thermal Remediation Truck by Bed Bug Heat Doctor

Heating Up the Industry: Introducing the Powerful New Thermal Remediation Truck by Bed Bug Heat Doctor

Have you ever wished, in your pest control company, you didn’t have to lug around a cumbersome generator on a trailer that is exposed to the elements and possible theft? Have you ever considered owning a truck with a Power Take Off (PTO), including heaters and fans safely locked in the back of the truck cab?

Adding a PTO to a truck involves installing a mechanism that allows the transmission of power from the vehicle’s engine to auxiliary equipment or accessories. On the new Bed Bug Heat Doctor Thermal Remediation Truck, adding a PTO to a truck expands its functionality by allowing it to power additional equipment such as the 75kVA/60kW generator attached to truck’s undercarriage. Self-powered and self-contained, the truck is more versatile and useful for a variety of applications. The Anti-Theft Transmission Lock means you can leave the cab locked, engine running, generator and heaters on without worrying about drive-offs. This is the same technology used by first responders. The PTO can be added to a current Ford F-350, F-450, F-550 or F-600 diesel truck* or a new or used truck.

Power Distribution Panel on the Thermal Remediation Truck

A PTO truck offers several benefits for Pest Control Operators (PCOs), particularly when compared to traditional pickup trucks or vans. Here are some of the advantages:

  1. Powerful Equipment Integration: PTO trucks are equipped with a power take-off system that allows direct connection to a generator under the truck that powers cords up to 900 feet (30+ story high-rise) which connect to distribution boxes which in turn connect to bed bug heaters to cover up to 3,200 square feet. This ensures efficient operation of the equipment without the need for separate power sources or generators.
  2. Increased Efficiency: With equipment directly powered by the truck’s engine, there’s no need to wait for additional power sources to start or operate. This can significantly increase operational efficiency, allowing PCOs to complete jobs more quickly and serve more clients in a given time frame.
  3. Cost Savings: PTO trucks eliminate the need for separate power generators or additional fuel sources, reducing operational costs for PCOs.  It also eliminates extra trailers and cumbersome generators.  Additionally, the integration of equipment onto the truck chassis can streamline maintenance and repairs, potentially lowering long-term costs.
  4. Versatility: PTO trucks are customized to provide power.  This versatility allows PCOs to adapt to different job requirements and handle a wide range of pest control tasks effectively and efficiently.
  5. Improved Safety: Integrating pest control equipment onto a PTO truck reduces the need for manual handling and transport of heavy machinery, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries for technicians. Additionally, having all equipment securely mounted on the truck enhances overall safety during operation and transportation, as well as, less accidents while backing up or parking.  With the weight of the BK10-480B heaters being only 26 pounds, in comparison to the EBB-460 which weighs 130 pounds or the Pest Pro Heater at 74 pounds, the safety and portability for your PCOs is much improved.
  6. Enhanced Professionalism: PTO trucks equipped with specialized pest control gear present a professional image to clients, instilling confidence in the PCO’s capabilities and commitment to quality service. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as potential referrals and repeat business.
  7. Environmental Considerations: PTO trucks can offer environmental benefits by reducing the need for additional fuel-powered equipment, leading to lower emissions and overall environmental impact. Additionally, efficient use of resources contributes to sustainable pest control practices.  Reduction of loud, smokey, fuel burning generators is another positive.
AM3700 High Temperature Axial Fan, 12 included in package

Overall, PTO trucks provide pest control operators with a powerful, efficient, and versatile solution, with a four-heater set up to six- or eight-heaters. It offers benefits in terms of cost savings, efficiency, safety, and professionalism. Top of Form

What’s Inside?

The Bed Bug Heat Doctor Thermal Remediation Truck is stocked with:

The truck is equipped with interior shelves and up to 6’ stand-up height inside as well as exterior locking utility boxes with key FOB remote locking for easy storage of cords. 

The BK10-480B Heater is a replacement for the TempAir EBB-460V and works in conjunction with the Thermal Remediation TempAir 480-volt generator, PTO Truck and cabling system.  These heaters will kill bed bugs, roaches, fleas, stored pest, carpet beatles, mold and many other insects.  It can also be a direct replacement for the Thermal Remediation EBB-460V Heater.

BK10-480B Bed Bug Heater with 480-volt power cord, 6 included in package, replaces Temp Air EBB-460

This powerful BK10-480B Bed Bug Heater is 10-kilowatts and will treat 450-550 square feet with 8 foot ceilings using one 110-volt 5-amp circuit and one 480-volt 12-amp circuit. It has a built-in fan and is thermostat controlled, set at 140°. The luggage handle and wheels give it a convenient, portable design. This lightweight heater weighs only 26 pounds and is compact in size measuring 19”x13”x17″, approximately 1/3 the weight of the competitor’s model and the most durable heater on the market. It is designed and built in America and has 34,336 BTUs. It comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor with shipping included to the contiguous US and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on resistors.  After the warranty, the manufacturer stocks replacement parts and will continue to repair heaters. The BK10-480B is perfect for pest control technicians who need a heater that can be easily transported and run by one service technician instead of the units that are heavy and bulky and require two people to lug in and out of the service trucks.

The BK10-480B heater is paired on the truck with twelve BBHD AM3700 fans.  The BBHD AM3700 High Temperature Axial Air Mover is ideal for use during high-temperature bed bug heat treatments and restoration. The BBHD Axial Air Mover features an hour meter, GFCI outlet, 2 speed motor, and 3700 CFM. Daisy chain up to 6 fans on one 15-amp 110-volt circuit or 9 fans on one 20-amp 110-volt circuit. For convenient storage, stack these portable air movers up to 8 fans high. This air mover is the most secure stacking, high-temperature fan on the market. BBHD AM3700 fans are rated for use in heated spaces up to 185°; most other fans which are rated at 158°.

The BK10-480B heater and AM3700 fans can be used without purchasing a truck package.  If your TempAir heater is no longer working properly, this heater can be a replacement for these systems as it works with Temp Air/Thermal Remediation generators.  If you have used the TempAir Heater, you will find the Bed Bug Heat Doctor heater much lighter, weighting only 26 pounds with suitcase handle and wheels, and easier to maneuver in comparison to the EBB-460 heater which weighs 130 pounds.

The new Bed Bug Heat Doctor Thermal Remediation Truck will begin making you money as soon as it is put in service. With over fifty BK10-480B heaters in use, the feedback from our customers has been that they can’t believe how light and easy they are to use. So, if you are tired of the trailer and generators, this solution is sure to make your work-life easier.

*For particulars on converting a truck you currently own, please call our National Sales Representative at 844-364-3281.