Have you heard of these effective Vaportek Odor Eliminators?

What is Vaportek? Do you need an odor eliminator?

Vaportek, Inc. produces products which are manufactured to eliminate organic odors. Vaportek products are designed for commercial hospitality, janitorial applications, and residential use. If you have encountered an unwanted odor issue in a hotel, locker room, bathroom, a musty area, or a mildew block walled area, Vaportek can help. These products improve air quality by eliminating odor problems not just drowning out the odor with an obnoxious overpowering smell. Each product is engineered with green technology that is non-evasive and environmentally friendly. Continue reading to learn more about odor eliminators.

What is an organic based odor? 

Molecules associated with living organisms are considered to be organic. Organic odors are then a by-product of living matter that consists of two or more elements. The binding of elements registers as a smell.   

What are examples of an organic odor?

If you would like to skip the technical lingo … here are a few examples of organic odors that may be offensive and unwanted for a business or place of residence. 

  • Cigarette, cigar, or marijuana smoke often will permeate an area and can be harmful to people with smoke allergies. 
  • Although most cooking smells are pleasant and welcomed, some cooking smells can be quite offensive. Kitchen smells such as strong fish, garlic, potent spices, or food that has been burned are most unappetizing. 
  • Fragrant floral sprays are often unsuccessfully used to cover up toilet and bathroom smells. 
  • Other organic smells can originate with an animal, both domestic pets and wildlife. Naturally occurring pet odors originate from secretions of glands and body fluids. The most common unpleasant pet smells are perpetuated by cat urine and dog feces. Pet odors that can be more easily controlled occur in litter boxes and bedding. Wildlife odors, such as a skunk spray, are very strong organic smells. Also, some domesticated exotic pets emit a strong and lingering odor.
  • Unwanted rodents can have a rancid smell if they die from a poison bait. Many times, a rodent such as a mouse, mole, or rat will die in a small crevice that is inaccessible. The smell of a dead rodent can linger and be very rank.  
  • Every building has a unique smell that reflects the way it is used, kept, and maintained. Different factors play a role in the particular smell each place has. Sometimes it may be environmental and sometimes it may be the contents. Smells coming from unused closets or tightly enclosed areas can have a musty or mildewy smell. 
  • Soured, spoiled milk from an unnoticed spilled toddler’s sippy cup can produce a very unpleasant smell and will soon attract insects.  
  • Malodorous garbage bags that have not been removed to a fresh air container or that are stacked up waiting to be removed are a smell that is repulsive when detected.

How do Vaportek odor eliminator products work? 

Vaportek products work by utilizing dry vapor technology to be an odor neutralizer for organic-based odors. Once the molecules are deactivated and can no longer produce an offensive odor, the essential oils are released for a refreshing aroma to fill the air. Since the foul odor-causing molecule has been captured and destroyed, the essential oils are free to permeate the room without needing to mask an underlying smell. 

What is dry vapor technology?

Dry vapor reacts with the molecules by surrounding them and wrapping them up similar to putting something into a capsule. Once the molecule is bundled into the encapsulation, the elements that produce the offensive smell are broken down and eliminated. When this process takes place, the odor is removed. Dry vapor compounds are portable and versatile. They will fill a room and have the potential to penetrate porous materials.  

What is an essential oil?

An essential oil is a concentrated, compound, extracted liquid which is easily evaporated and contains natural chemicals from plants, trees, and flowers. The essential oils capture the plant/flower’s scent. Each different plant has its own unique aromatic compound with a unique benefit when infused or inhaled. 

What do the dispensing units look like? 

The Optimum 3000, Optimum 4000, and Restorator are compact, lightweight, and easy to use. They are constructed with a durable hard molded plastic. They are quiet but have a powerful fan for air distribution. Each unit is powered by 110- volt AC with a 4’ cord. The units are self-cooled and do not become overheated. Units are easily and discreetly able to be placed in an inconspicuous area. Plastic disposable cartridges are placed in the back of the machine. 

The Restorator has one constant speed and is primarily intended for delivering a fast, high-intensity treatment; not for continuous, long-term use. 

The Optimum 4000 has a variable speed fan and is

ideal for areas where continual deodorization is needed. It can treat an area up to 20,000 cubic feet. The Optimum 3000 is primarily intended for constant deodorization and air filtration by removing particulates from the air. It offers multi-stage filtration containing three different elements to remove smoke, dust, and pollens from the air.

The ionizer element helps clean the air by releasing millions of negatively charged ions. Ions are attracted to oppositely charged particulate (like smoke) and precipitate them out of the air. It can treat an area up to 12,000 cubic feet. Both Optimum machines are ideal for use in hotel lobbies where a constant pleasant scent is desired. Single speed units are designed for heavy control while multi-speed control units are designed for both heavy odor control and for maintaining a pleasant aromatic quality.

What about ozone? 

Vaportek does not create ozone. Ozone treatments are conducted by an ozone generator. Generated ozone atoms attach themselves to odor molecules and destroy them. This process breaks the bacterial molecules down into particles that no longer smell.

The disadvantage of using ozone to combat unwanted odors is that when inhaled, ozone can damage the lungs. When ozone is created, there is a potential of such side effects as chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, throat irritation, and worsening of chronic respiratory diseases. Vaportek products are always safe to use without the need to vacate an area. 

Are Vaportek products safe to use? 

Vaportek products were first invented to be used in a medical setting thus adhering to the highest level of safety standards. Today, Vaportek products are still being used in hospitals and medical facilities around the globe as an odor eliminator. Safety features include: 

  • No added alcohol or petroleum distillates
  • CFC-free without depleting the ozone layer
  • Products do not generate ozone and are not subject to ozone restrictions
  • Membranes are spill-proof and designed for minimal waste generation
  • Non-toxic design compound with natural ingredients
  • Contains no inert ingredients and are VOC compliant 

About odor eliminators: Is Vaportek worth considering? 

When contemplating an odor-eliminating (odor eliminator) product you should consider the following concerns:

  • Is the product I’m buying safe to use? Will it harm me or my customers? Will it harm the environment or will it be a hazard to my family or customers? 
  • Is this product easy to use? Do I need to hire a professional technician to use this equipment? Do I need to have special training to ensure the product is working correctly? 
  • Does this product really work to the extent of which it is advertised? 
  • Is this product cost effective? What will my rate of return be on this investment? 

You can trust Vaportek for a permanent solution for all of your organic odor problems and rest assured in their 100% guarantee, fair pricing, and commitment to permanent and productive odor neutralization technology. 

Where can I buy Vaportek? Do you need an odor eliminator?

Look no further than to the nationally recognized and trusted source of Bed Bug Heat Doctor/PrevSol. We have been a distributor for Vaportek in the USA for over two years now and will be happy to assist you in determining which product will be most appropriate for your specific situation. Contact us today with any questions.