Heat is the only 100% effective treatment in killing bed bugs. Bed bugs die at 111 degrees and their eggs die at 117 degrees. 7 of the 12 species of bed bugs are either immune or becoming immune to the chemicals used in treatments.
The Master plug must always be powered to run the machine, however, if you have a smaller room, you may not need to use all the plugs on the unit.
A list of items to be removed or put in the refrigerator during treatment time is provided with this heat machine. Basically, anything you would not leave in your car on a hot day needs to be placed somewhere outside the heating area (many items can be stored in the refrigerator during treatment).
Treatment times vary depending on building construction but generally the unit should take 3-4 hours to get to temperature, and you need to hold that temperature for 3-4 hours. For most treatments, the times are 6-8 hours total.