Exterminating Bed Bugs in Schools

Lice aren’t the only bothersome pests that can be found in our children’s schools. There is just as much opportunity, if not more, for a bed bug infestation to start at an elementary school as there would be at a hotel. Bed bugs are not only found where beds are – they go where the people go. Packed with hundreds of students, schools are the perfect place for bed bugs to find their next meal and hitch a ride to a new home.

How do bed bugs get into schools?

Notorious for hitchhiking, bed bugs grab onto clothing, backpacks, lunch bags, and purses and can be taken anywhere. With lots of little carriers running around, there are many opportunities for bed bugs to spread and find new homes within a school.

Picture it;  one child brings in bed bugs that hitched a ride on his or her backpack and they spread to others, including their classmates, teachers, and even within the furniture in the school. Bed bugs are notorious travelers. They might not bite right away; they like to hide out and find places to nest and then come out when things are quite. Unlike lice, bed bugs do not infest people; they make their home in places where humans congregate, making it easy for them to feed. This feeding process can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions of varying degrees, and increased levels of stress.  

Prepare Your School for an Outbreak

The potential effects of a bed bug’s unwanted appearance in your school are an administrator’s nightmare. The best thing you can do is be prepared, so that when those six- legged parasites appear in your school, you know how to handle the problem. 

Step One: don’t panic. There are easy and efficient ways to handle bed bugs in any setting, and Bed Bug Heat Doctor/PrevSol has multiple options to find the right solution for you.  

Step Two: determine the right bed bug heat treatment for your school. We have bed bug heaters that can treat an entire room and kill each bug and their larva. The second option is a ZAPPBUG portable chamber. These chambers allow you to treat individual items from the size of a suitcase to the furniture from an entire room.

The Bed Bug Heat Doctor is able to talk with you about prevention and treatment for your school. Call us today, we are here to help, 844-364-3281

Heat Treating Bed Bugs is the Best Option for Schools

Bed Bug Heat Doctor’s heat-treating system is the best way to get rid of bed bugs without introducing any other chemicals or allergens into your learning environment. Pesticides filled with chemicals spread unknown and unfamiliar substances in classrooms and office spaces, are costly, and often require routine maintenance that cause the area to be evacuated for an extended period of time. On top of that, chemical pesticides are only about 50% effective in killing bed bugs. These sneaky pests have become immune to pesticide, leaving many unable to resolve their bed bug problem using this method.  

The Bed Bug Heat Doctor/Prevsol’s chemical-free heat treatment method is a sure and trusted solution to kill bed bugs the first time, every time. Bed bugs can only withstand so much heat before they die from exposure. Our extermination method raises the ambient air temperature in the infested area to at least 140 degrees, ensuring all cracks and crevasses reach 121 degrees to kill every last bed bug.  

Since bed bugs die at 111 degrees and their larvae die at 117, you can rest assured your school will be free of bed bugs in just one use. Best of all, in just hours, a classroom can be treated for bed bugs and become operational again.

Stay Aware 

Bed bugs are unfortunately pervasive and could be found in almost any setting in our day-to-day lives, including our school systems. Schools are a perfect ground zero for a bed bug infestation, lots of people coming in and coming in contact with each other, this is a bed bug travel center. The impact they could have on your staff and student body is enough to make anyone’s head spin. Heat is the only 100% guaranteed method to kill bed bugs.

Contact the Bed Bug Heat Doctor today with any questions you may have about exterminating bed bugs in your school, home, or business. With years of experience, we can recommend products and offer solutions for your bed bug issues.