Eliminate Foul Odors Quickly & Discreetly

Eliminating bad odors so guests don't get disgusted.

Unfortunately, foul smells frequently occur almost everywhere. From smoking, to body odors and everything in between, at times hotels, camps, shelters, and more can get smelly. The key is eliminating the odors, not just covering them up with a bold floral scent. You want your place to have a pleasant smell, without letting guests know you are trying to cover up something not so great. The Bed Bug Heat Doctor heard your needs and offers a wonderful solution: a line of odor eliminating products from Vaportek.

Treatment for Large Areas

Restorator 5000 Machine
Restorator 5000
Optimum 4000 machine
Optimum 4000

The Restorator 5000 and Optimum 4000 are just what you need to eliminate lingering odors, like sewage, and sudden odors, like cigarette smoke. These powerful machines can handle rooms up to 2,000 square feet and can freshen the area in as little as one hour! Forget the room freshening sprays; these machines are designed to combat tough odors – not just cover them up. Easy to use, simply put the Restorator or Optimum in the vicinity of the smell, then plug it in and let it run until you no longer smell the offending odor. Eliminate odors with ease in your lobby, breakfast area, or break room with the Restorator 5000 or Optimum 4000.

Treatment for Small Spaces

EZ Twist Holder

For small spaces, like lobby bathrooms, maids’ closets and vending areas, the EZ Twist Holder is an easy and effective way to get rid of lingering odor. Its small, discreet design allows it to be placed nearly anywhere there is typical airflow. Simply apply the sticky Velcro back to the wall, then change the filter once per month – it’s really that simple! Easier than ever to use, the EZ Twist Holder is the ideal way to eliminate unwanted odors in your hotel.

Continuous In-Room Treatment


For ongoing odor elimination in each hotel room, we recommend the Vaportronic Small Space Air Treatment. With the ability to be discreetly mounted on the wall in any room, it is the best way to ensure a room never becomes overwhelmed with unpleasantness. Customizable to your needs, the device can be set to run every 15 or 45 minutes. Each Vaportronic Small Space Air Treatment requires one EZ Disk that lasts an entire month!


  • 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight
  • Discreet, portable design
  • 270 hours of output per cartridge (Restorator 5000 & Optimum 4000)
  • 1 month of output per disk (Vaportronic Small Space Air Treatment)

If you are tired of your guests experiencing foul odors when they stay at your hotel, contact our experts today! We are here to help you find the best solution for your needs.