Sprinkler Covers

If the area that you are treating has fire sprinkler heads, it is imperative that they are protected from activation during a treatment. Ceiling sprinklers are commonly found in commercial locations, hotels, and even some homes. They are activated by excessive heat. Although our bed bug heaters heat rooms to temperatures that are safe for most of your property and possessions, the temperature only needs to reach 125°F to activate some ceiling sprinklers or damage them so they no longer work in the event of an actual fire emergency. To help you with this issue, we offer highly effective covers for your fire sprinkler heads. Our covers insulate from ambient room temperature, keeping the sprinkler head approximately 30° cooler than the heat-treated room.
The Benefits of Bed Bug Heat Doctor/PrevSol Sprinkler Covers
While covering your sprinkler heads is an easy way to keep them from activating during heat treatment, not all covers are created equal. Homemade solutions, such as those made of plastic, cardboard, or cloth, may be inadequate for proper insulation and may be difficult to attach without damaging the fixture.
We offer two different types of sprinkler covers, a Styrofoam cover and a neoprene cover manufactured by Stay Cool.
The Styrofoam cover is attached by an elastic band which is built into the top of the cover. This type of cover should only be used with sprinkler heads that are installed on a flat ceiling or surface.
The Stay Cool cover is a premium product that offers additional benefits for commercial use. This cover is constructed of high-quality material and can be used repeatedly without being damaged. A specific feature this cover offers is the ability to be used on sprinkler heads that are not attached to a flat surface, such as those which are exposed or are mounted on a water pipe. Also, this flexible cover lays flat for easy storage.
Neither of our covers are magnetic and can be used on sprinkler heads which do not have an escutcheon or recessed metal ring.
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