Commitment to Green

Manufactured in America

Since 2016, Bed Bug Heat Doctor/Prevsol has been providing quality American-made electric bed bug heaters to hotels in North America. Our heaters are manufactured in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with American-made parts. By manufacturing in the US, we reduce our carbon footprint. There is no need for our products to be shipped over-seas to get to our customers.

Resources Used:

Additionally, the framing and shell of our heaters are made of Aluminum. Aluminum is the third most abundant element in the Earth’s crust. Although it is not considered a renewable resource since it does not replenish itself naturally, it is said to be a permanent resource. Aluminum is an element and thus cannot be destroyed. Therefore, Aluminum is a permanent resource that can be used again and again through the process of recycling.

Preventing the Use of Pesticides

It is widely known that pesticides are toxic and wreak havoc on the environment. They can damage ecosystems, threaten biodiversity, and weaken the natural systems that our survival depends on. When used inside of a hotel, pesticides can contaminate air quality. According to the EPA, exposure to pesticides can cause headaches, dizziness, muscular weakness, nausea, increased risk of cancer, irritation to eye, nose, and throat, and damage to the central nervous system. The EPA recommends avoiding the use of chemical pesticides whenever possible. In the case of treating bed bugs, using a bed bug heater is both more effective and safer for guests and staff of the hotel.
Our bed bug heaters can be used repeatedly for bed bug incidents and typically last for about 10 years. Over the course of those years, the amount of pollution from pesticides that is avoided is difficult to calculate as each hotel deals with a different amount of bed bug incidents each year. However, bed bug incidents in hotels are incredibly common. According to a report done by Orkin Pest Control, each hotel has an average of seven incidents per year. That is a potential 70 bed bug incidents taken care of by just one bed bug heater.