Top 50 Bed Bug Cities List for 2017

Did you make it into top spot for the bed bugs cities list?  The following excerpt is taken from a press release by Orkin from January 3rd, 2017. “The list is based on treatment data from the metro areas where…

PrevSol Testimonial

Our real customers talk about the fantastic experiences they’ve had with the Bed Bug Heaters offered exclusively by!

The New Hotel Bed Bug Problem – Tropical Bed Bugs

Jeff Zimmerman presented about “The New Hotel Bed Bug Problem” at the Vantage Hotel Conference in Las Vegas 2016. The invasive Tropical Bed Bug is back and rapidly spreading to the hospitality industry. Learn about the issues with these pests…

How To Search For Bed Bugs

Learn how to search for bed bugs in hotels when you are travelling or cleaning hotel rooms. These tips are also useful for inspecting your home, a motel, or even an apartment.