Miami woman records hundreds of bed bugs crawling on her bed at Atlantis in the Bahamas

Warning: Graphic Bed Bug Content


Information is taken from a report in the Miami Herald and a video from Insider Edition:

“A Miami woman, Cindi Avila, is suing Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas after she was bitten more than 100 times by bed bugs during a hotel stay in January 2016. She alleges hotel staff dismissed her concern after showing them her bites and video of the bugs crawling on her bed.”

“The bites and the hotel’s subsequent reaction to Avila’s calls for help are now the subjects of a lawsuit filed last week in Florida state civil court that claims the iconic resort was negligent in adopting hygienic practices when cleaning Avila’s room. Avila is seeking damages more than $15,000 from Plantation-based Atlantis.”

Although Atlantis immediately took the room out of service and brought in their pest control team, Avila is still pursuing damages upwards of $15,000. She said, “It was like something out of a horror movie.”

In a video Avila took the day of the bites, dozens of tiny black bugs are seen crawling on the bed skirt. Spots of black excrement that appeared to have dried are also visible on the skirt.

Atlantis maintains that the hotel exercises “very strict standards of hotel hygiene and cleanliness.”

But other travelers have previously alleged on several travel sites, including TripAdvisor and Yelp, that they’ve suffered itchy bites they believed to be from bedbugs while staying at Atlantis.

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