Arming Yourself Against Bed Bugs While Serving in the Military

Being in the military is no easy feat. The last thing our decorated Americans should have on their minds is picking up bed bugs during their travels for training or deployment. Unfortunately, when you stay in so many places, you are at greater risk of bringing bed bugs back to your personal home.

What You Need to Know: The Basics

Since travel is an essential part of your job when you are in the military, it’s important to arm yourself with knowledge about bed bugs so you know some basic facts and misconceptions.

  • Bed bugs are in both clean and dirty areas
  • They do not just live on mattresses – they can live on and in nearly any bedroom furniture
  • If a credit card can fit, a bed bug can fit
  • They can be transferred from person-to-person contact or from contact with an object, like a dresser or mattress
  • Bed bugs can go up to two years without feeding
  • Bed bugs and their larvae die when temperatures reach 117 degrees

Bed Bug vs. Other Insects

Bed bugs are brownish in color, relatively flat, and about a quarter of an inch long resembling an apple seed, tick or piece of rice. A good way to differentiate them from other insects is that bed bugs do not jump or fly. Their primary mode of transportation is crawling. They can move three to four feet per minute, which is about the same speed as an ant.

Identifying a Bed Bug Infestation

While the most obvious signs of a bed bug infestation can be found on you from their bite, there are several other ways to spot them before becoming their next victim. Look for black marks that resemble a marker bleeding on sheets, pillow cases, bed skirts, and any soft furniture in the room. This is a sign of live bugs leaving droppings behind. Also, look for the most obvious – live bugs crawling around. They tend to stay within five feet of anywhere someone sleeps, like a bed, cot, or sleeping bag. The bed bugs may be in baseboards, crawling on equipment, or in electronics.  

Combating Bed Bugs

To help America’s military personnel, the Bed Bug Heat Doctor has designed a full line of comprehensive products to prevent and kill bed bugs. Start by spraying your luggage and tactical gear with our Bed Bug Spray. This highly concentrated solution acts as a repellent and kills bed bugs on contact. Available in travel and full-size, it’s great for taking with you on an airplane and keeping at home for when you return from traveling.

The Bed Bug Heat Doctor/PrevSol also has ZAPPBUG portable heat chambers. Our chambers heat up to over 120 degrees, killing bed bugs and their larvae in about six hours. Bed Bug Heat Doctor/Prevsol’s ZAPPBUG heaters are ideal for military personnel because they come in multiple sizes to accommodate uniforms and gear. If extermination is needed for an entire room, then a Bed Bug Heater [is just the product for you. The Bed Bug Heat Doctor/PrevSol makes a variety of heaters to heat entire rooms – big or small.

Protect Yourself Today

Don’t wait until you are affected by a bed bug infestation, make a plan of action now to combat this ongoing military issue. Shop our full line of products today to discover the best solution for your needs. Not sure what to get? Let us help you. Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you find the best bed bug solution. Click to contact us today, or call 844-364-3281 to talk to the Bed Bug Heat Doctor!