Shelters & Missions

Today, more than ever before, our society is in great need of the services that are being offered at local shelters and missions. These facilities exist to provide protection from exposure to the elements & adverse weather as well as safety for those fleeing abusive social circumstances.
The issue of residents being exposed to bed bugs is growing more and more prevalent. Those souls seeking refuge have already been through so many hardships in life. They should not be afflicted yet again by the trauma of being bitten by bed bugs.
If you are looking for a bed bug solution to treat your homeless shelter or rescue mission for bed bugs, you have come to the right place. We are proud to have our bed bug heaters in many shelters and missions across America today, helping to keep the homeless and those down-on-their-luck free from one more adversary – bed bugs.

Shelter or Mission with 110/120 power

Professional grade BBDH Pro7 bed bug heater side view, compares to ePro 400 XP and the Cube 110-volt DIY bed bug heat system

The BBHD Pro7 Heater will treat a room in a shelter or mission up to 275 square feet

The BBHD Pro7 Bed Bug Heater is designed to treat rooms in a homeless shelter or rescue mission with up to 275 square feet. This unit operates on four 110-volt 15- or 20-amp circuits. This heater is equipped with 19,654 BTUs and weighs 24.5 pounds. It is American-made and easily transported from room to room with a suitcase handle and wheels.

The BK10 commercial bed bug heater to heat treat rooms up to 400 square feet in a shelter or mission

The BK10 Bed Bug Heater is designed to treat rooms in your mission or shelter with rooms up to 400 square feet for bed bugs. It operates on six 110-volt 20-amp circuits. This powerful heater has 31,936 BTUs, is made in the USA, and is easily transportable with the suitcase handle and wheels. It weighs only 26 pounds.

Shelter or Missions Treating with Propane

Sleeptight 800 Propane Bed Bug Heater for treating bed bugs in a Shelter or Mission

The Sleeptight 800 Commercial Bed Bug Propane Heater is designed to kill bed bugs in your Shelter or Mission by transporting the unit into the room and heating the entire room. It provides up to 80,000 BTU/HR of heat capacity by utilizing two standard 20-pound propane tanks, the same tanks used on home BBQ grills. This high heat capacity, equal to 23.4 kw of comparable electric heat, allows the Sisu Sleeptight 800 to quickly raise the temperature to treat areas of approximately 800-1000 square feet. Digital temperature controls make heating the room to the target temperature simple and safe. Effective heat treatments can be completed in as little as 4 hours for smaller spaces and 8 hours for larger 2-bedroom units.

Shelters or Missions with 220/240 PTACs

BBHD12 bed bug heater side view, compares to Hypro 33 and Elite 8 heaters

The BBHD12 Bed Bug Heater is designed for Homeless Shelters or Rescue Missions with PTACs

The BBHD12 Commercial Bed Bug Heater is designed for rooms in a shelter or mission up to 450 square feet with PTACs (air conditioner/heater), operating on two 220-volt 20-amp circuits (one from the treatment room and one from an adjacent room) and two 110-volt 20-amp circuits. This heater is made in America, has 40,944 BTUs, weighs 26 pounds, and has a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Transport this heater easily from room to room with a simple suitcase handle and wheels.
BBHD8 bed bug heater package to treat bed bug infestation, comparable to Elite 8 and ePro 6

The BBHD8 is powered using one room in the Shelter or Mission with two 110-volt circuits and one PTAC outlet

The BBHD8 Bed Bug Heater is designed to treat rooms up to 350 square feet in a mission or shelter. It operates on one 220-volt 20-amp circuit and two 110-volt 20-amp circuits. The heater is American-made with 26,205 BTUs and weighs only 25 pounds. This heater is easily transferred from room to room using a suitcase handle and wheels.

More Great Products for Shelters & Missions

Restorator odor elimination machine is comparable to scent air or ozone machines but safe for use around people

Vaportek Products Diffuse Smells without Dangerous Ozone

Our Vaportek products treat unwanted odors such as smoke, marijuana, pets, cooking, body, and environmental. Without harmful ozone effects, these odor eliminators are safe for use in all areas, even where people are present. These unique products are made using essential oils found in nature from trees, plants, and flowers to neutralize odors. With the Dry Vapor Technology, odors are not masked but permanently neutralized as the spores are eliminated on wallboard, wood, carpeting, cement, insulation, and other surfaces. In a room 300-400 square feet, odors will be eliminated in about 1 hour.