A Reliable Replacement for the Temp-Air Bed Bug Heater

A Reliable Replacement for the Temp-Air Bed Bug Heater

In 2010, Thermal Remediation based in Burnsville, Minnesota, introduced a new bed bug heater to the market. The heater was powered by 480-volt, 3-phase. It was called the EBB-460. In its day, the heater was lighter, narrower, and more efficient than its predecessors. It delivered 7,000 watts at 2,400 cubic feet of heated air per minute (CFM). It was designed to operate with a 40-kW generator and was normally transported in a utility trailer. In 2020, that Thermal Remediation Bed Bug Heater has not been available in the market. This has left many pest control companies in a quandary as to what to do when their heater is no longer functioning properly or needs replacement parts. The issue is that businesses have invested in the generator and accessories that are no longer useful in killing bed bugs without the heater.   

Bed Bug Heat Doctor has engineered a superior replacement for the unavailable Thermal Remediation Heater. The new replacement is called the BK10-480B. This bed bug heater will treat up to 500 square feet with only one 110-volt 5-amp circuit and one 480-volt 12-amp circuit. It delivers voluminous airflow and intense heat which ensures lethal temperatures to bed bugs in the treatment area, and to top it off, it is made in the USA! It is designed to work in conjunction with the same generator systems that powered the Thermal Remediation Heaters. 

Size & Weight

The unavailable Thermal Remediation Bed Bug Heater measures 22.5” x 18” and is 49.5” tall. It weighs 130 lbs. with a maximum heating capacity of 24,880 BTUs. The BK10-480B measures 19” x 13” x 17” tall. It weighs only 26 pounds – over 100 pounds lighter than the Thermal Remediation Heater. The BK10-480B has a maximum heating capacity of 33,936 BTUs. That is over 9,000 BTUs more powerful than the Thermal Remediation Heater. 


The BK10-480B’s lightweight, compact design is equipped with both hand hold handles and a luggage handle. Because it is only 26 pounds, maneuvering the heater is near effortless. Per OSHA regulations, it was recommended that two technicians be available for lifting or carrying Thermal Remediation Heater up stairways and across terrain not suitable for the casters. Loading the Thermal Remediation Heater onto a truck or trailer required either a set of ramps or the assistance of two people. The BK10-480B Bed Bug Heater, in comparison, can be easily transported by a single technician, can be stored in smaller areas, and does not require ramps or a hand truck.   


The BK10-480B is proudly designed and manufactured in the United States by Union Steel Workers in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. It comes standard with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor with shipping included to the contiguous US. It also includes a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the heat resistors. 


The BK10-480B has a built-in fan and is thermostat controlled. 


The BK10-480B Bed Bug Heater is built with a rigid and sturdy metal outer shell. Quality workmanship is noticeably obvious the first time you see this product.

If your pest control office is researching or will be researching in the near future what options are available for replacing a non-functional Thermal Remediation Bed Bug Heater or you are in need of a new heater, we would like to invite you to contact us with any questions you may have about this revolutionary product. Maybe your facility has obtained some Thermal Remediation equipment through a company merger or through an acquisition. If this is the situation you are facing, the BK10-480B would be an enhancement to revitalizing that equipment and those accessories. 

The bottom line is, if you are in the pest control industry and you have access to 480-volt 3-phase power – the BK10-480B has been made especially for you by the Bed Bug Heat Doctor.