A Bed Bug Heat Doctor Customer Reference

Tucson has had a huge problem. As you know we had many many rooms down and were struggling. We had the Pros treat rooms, we treated rooms but we kept having problems. When we started seeing babies I went to the Owner and we decided to try your system.
Since we started using your system we have had no repeat offending rooms. With your help, answering my many questions, we have treatment down to a science. Our outside entry rooms, single pane sliding windows and bath vents required some adjustments. Our doors, even with sweeps and weather stripping were also an issue.
I bought a sheet of foam insulation and cut it in 1/2. This was trimmed to fit our window. We pull the door sweep to run cords under to add power from the adjacent room as it takes the a/c power (220 circuit), our room power (which is 1 breaker) and an adjacent rooms power. We seal the bath door, we seal the a/c unit inside and out and seal the door gaps with duct tape.
Since we had so many problems and with the citywide problems and probability of guests bringing them in, we always do 2 rooms. We do the offending room then the room that has a headboard the backs to the offending room.
We at first kept using chemicals as a precaution. We have stopped that now. The system has been great and we can return our rooms to service in days instead of the chemical treatment protocol that we were doing for 6 weeks of treatment and a week to clean it up afterwards. In many cases we had rooms down for 2 months. Our busiest season is February. We made it through fine. NO guest complaints. Recent rooms have been found by housekeeping before any guests have experienced them. This year we have only treated 3 or 4 rooms. Last year with chemicals and heat we treated over 40 maybe 45 out of 98 rooms.
Thanks for your support and patience answering all my questions. Thank you for a great system.
Gary B Gomez, CHA
General Manager