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Vacation Rentals

Bed Bug Heaters for Vacation Rentals

Your vacation rental is your business. Its success and your livelihood depends on the comfort and satisfaction of your guests. No guest can be satisfied with a bed bug infestation in their space. Worse, if left untreated, bed bugs can lead to expensive damages to both your vacation rental property and your reputation as a landlord. At the first sign of these tiny home invaders, you’ll want to administer the safest, most-effective extermination treatment possible. PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor bed bug heaters for vacation are the perfect choice. Learn more about the many advantages of our industry-leading bed bug heaters below, and buy your online with us today!

Keep Your Rental Bed Bug Free and Your Guests Happy

As a vacation rental property owner, your job is to keep your rental in great condition and keep your renters satisfied. When bed bugs strike, you need an extermination solution that gets rid of them efficiently and effectively without causing extra problems for your property or your guests. With recent research showing that over 50% extant bed bugs species have developed resistance to common insecticides — and bearing in mind that the chemicals in these same insecticides can pose health risks for people and pets — you need an alternative treatment solution without the drawbacks. A PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor bed bug heater is the perfect choice.

Our bed bug heaters for vacation rental use heat to exterminate bed bugs in indoor spaces. Unlike chemical-laden insecticides, heat is non-toxic and 100%-chemical free. It’s also 100%-effective at exterminating bed bugs at sufficient temperatures. All bed bugs die at 111 degrees. Their eggs die at 117 degrees. PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor bed bug heaters heat the ambient air to temperatures exceeding 140 degrees and cracks and crevices to 121 degrees to ensure that all bed bugs are exterminated, every time.

The Best Bed Bug Extermination Option. Bar None.

Non-toxic and 100%-effective, our bed bug heaters for vacation rentals lead the industry as the top bed bug extermination choice for residential and commercial properties. Safety and overall effectiveness aren’t their only benefits, however. Read on for just a few more reasons why a PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor heater is the right choice for your vacation rental.

  • PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor bed bug heaters are efficient and easy-to-use. No matter what your background is, you’ll find that using a PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor heater is quick and easy. Simply plug your bed bug heater in, place it within the infested room, and close all windows and doors. Go about your day and let the bed bug heater do its work. In just 6-10 hours, it will have killed all bed bugs within the room.
  • PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor bed bug heaters are portable and discreet. If you have to exterminate bed bugs in a rental yours, you’d rather not have the whole world know. Keep extermination discreet with portable and storable PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor bed bug heaters. Roughly the size of a suitcase, our heaters are easy to carry and perfect for landlords with multiple rentals.
  • PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor bed bug heaters are designed and manufactured in the USA. Designed and manufactured right here in the USA with patented innovations and best-in-class hardware, our bed bug heaters lead the industry in performance and reliability. When you buy a PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor bed bug heater, you get a bed bug extermination solution for life.

Buy a Bed Bug Heater for Your Vacation Rental

PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor has developed an extensive line of bed bug heaters designed to tackle bed bug infestations in properties of all sizes, with varying power configurations. Whether you’re renting out a small apartment or a large home, we have a vacation rental bed bug heater to meet your needs. Most homeowners find the BBHD-Pro 7 to be the best heater for them because it heats rooms up to 300 square feet and runs on 4 12-amp outlets and a 120-volt circuit. Head over to our Shop page to explore the many bed bug heaters we offer, and order your vacation rental bed bug heater from our team today!

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