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NOBBEL Online Training and Certification Program

Can Your Staff Find Bed Bugs Before Your Guests Do?

Having a well-trained staff is key to your property’s overall bed bug strategy. Early detection can be the difference between a happy guest and horrible online reviews. That is why PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor has partnered with NOBBEL, the National Organization of Bed Bug Education for Lodging, to provide expert training and certifications for your property and your staff.

NOBBEL’s online program will train, test and certify your staff to better identify signs of bed bug activity. More than ever, guests are doing their own room inspections and you want your staff to find bed bugs before they do!

Training Includes:

  • Biology
  • Detection
  • Inspection
  • Treatment Options
  • Professional Guest Interaction

 NOBBEL-Certified Properties Receive:

  • Expert staff training
  • A certified listing on their website, where guests can book rooms via direct link with NO commission fees!
  • the NOBBEL Standard Operating Procedure (The Bed Bug Book) complete with training material summaries and the 20-point Bed Inspection Checklist.
  • Reputation management via:
    • Frequent social media posts highlighting certified properties
    • Mentions in emails and newsletters to their subscribers.
  • Professional consulting for your bed bug inquiries and concerns.
  • Access to the latest prevention and detection products.
  • Optional front desk and door signage, letting your guests know your property is certified.

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