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Overnight Camps and Year-Round Campgrounds

Your Trusted Overnight Camp Bed Bugs Solution

For millions of American kids and teens, overnight camp is a treasured rite of passage that forms many of our earliest and fondest memories. Unfortunately, summer camps and sleep away camps also are common breeding grounds for bed bugs.

While bed bugs at camp can be a real summer bummer for campers, the pests are a much larger and costlier pest for camp owners and operators. If the cabins and other buildings at your overnight camp or year-round camp are infested with bed bugs, you have a major issue on your hands. Affected campers and their parents are likely to take to social media, Yelp and other websites to complain about the pests at your camp. From there, it’s only a matter of time before you start losing business as a result of the bad publicity about bed bugs at your summer camp.

Bed Bugs Love Camp Cabins
Bed Bugs Love Camp Cabins

All this means that if you run a camp facility or year-round camp, you must take every step necessary to prevent bed bugs.

At PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor, we’re here to help. As the industry’s premier manufacturer of bed bug heaters and a host of other pest control products, we have the solutions to help keep your camp safe and insect-free this season. Read on to learn more about our products to prevent bed bugs at summer camp, year-round camp and other locations.

Bed Bug Pest Control at Summer Camp

There are a number of reasons why overnight camps are cesspools for bed bugs and other insect pests. For one, they are often located in the “great outdoors” — otherwise known as the natural habitat of nearly all insect species. Summer camps also harbor campers and staff members coming and going from all over the country and sometimes even the world. Bed bugs are carried by people, in their luggage and clothing, so there’s no telling which of these guests may have carried bed bugs or other insect pests into summer camp with them. Without proper prevention and control, bed bugs can stick around and spread.

With PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor’s full line of bed bug treatment products, you can be sure that your camp stays safe from unwanted insect invaders such as bed bugs. We carry a wide selection of mattress encasements, bed bug sprays and hand sanitizers and luggage specially-designed to keep bed bugs and other pests from making their homes inside your campers’ property. PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor’s safe and efficient BK-10L Bed Bug Heater is the ultimate choice for camps who quickly need to eliminate a bed bug infestation. With our smart and affordable bed bug treatment solutions, you can rest easy knowing your campers are safe from bed bugs at summer and sleep-away camp.

Shop Bed Bug Travel Gear and Other Pest Prevention Products

While overnight and year-round camps are perhaps the riskiest locations as far as bed bugs and other pests are concerned, they are by no means the only place where these insects are found during the warm season. Bed bugs, ticks, lice, mites, mosquitoes and other insect pests can be found in a myriad of outdoor locations the world over — not to mention indoor areas such as hotel rooms, transportation vehicles, and other establishments. If you are traveling for business or pleasure this summer, be sure to pack in preparation for bed bugs and other insects. Here at PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor, we have you covered. Shop our inventory for a wide range of top-of-the-line bed bug travel gear and other pest prevention products!

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