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Bed Bug Heaters for Pest Control Operators

Bed Bug Heaters for Pest Control Operators

At Bed Bug Heat Doctor/PrevSol we have the the solution for Pest Control companies to treat and eliminate bed bugs the first time, every time. Heat is the most effective way to eliminate the pesky pests from almost any environment.

BK-17 bed bug heater set up in a home.
BK-17 bed bug heater set up in a home in Hawaii.

Why use heat to kill bed bugs?

Perhaps the biggest advantage of our bed bug heaters is their usage of heat to efficiently and effectively exterminate bed bugs. Studies have shown that over 50% of bed bug species have developed resistance to chemicals used in common insecticide products. That’s where our heaters come in. All bed bugs die at 111°F. Their eggs die at 117°F. Our bed bug heaters will bring the temperature of the room to at least 140°F and all cracks and crevices up to 121°F to help ensure that all bed bugs are exterminated.

A bed bug heater for any job

We know you deal with different types of infestations and Bed Bug Heat Doctor/PrevSol has developed bed bug heaters for multiple situations.

Apartments & multi-unit housing bed bug heaters

Hospitality bed bug heaters – hotels, motels, and inns

Residential bed bug heaters

Commercial bed bug heaters

Bed bug heat chamber

If you need to treat a room full of items, the ZAPPBug room heater is perfect. Fill it with the items to be treated and let it do the work to kill the bed bug infestation in a matter of hours.

Easy to Operate

Concerned about operating the bed bug heater with little or no experience? Not to worry, we include an instructional DVD for free with every heater system! This easy-to-follow DVD will walk you through everything you need to know to successfully eradicate bed bugs in the commercial properties you serve. If you ever need personalized assistance, you can always call the Bed Bug Heat Doctor for expert advice. 

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