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Effective, Safe Bed Bug Heaters for Hotels

In the hospitality industry, a bed bug infestation is always bad for business. Not only do bed bugs make it problematic for guests to stay in an infested room, they can also lead to lasting damage to your business’s reputation. If you’ve found bed bugs in your hotel, motel, or inn you’ll want to be sure to take care of them as quickly as possible. When it comes to efficiency, eco-friendliness, and overall effectiveness, there is no better choice for your hotel bed bug problem than a PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor bed bug heater.

Our BBHD-8 bed bug heater is the top choice for the hospitality industry, while the BBHD-12 bed bug heater for hotels is best for larger rooms up to 450 square feet. No matter the size or shape of your hotel’s rooms, we have a bed bug heater to meet your budget and your needs.

The Many Benefits of PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor Heaters for Hotels

PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor’s engineers have designed and built our hotel bed bug heaters with one simple goal in mind: to provide hotel property owners with the best hotel bed bug extermination product available on the market today. Specially-designed to work with most hotel power supplies, our portable and high-performing hotel bed bug heaters have several advantages over other bed bug extermination products on the market today.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of our hotel bed bug heaters is their usage of heat to efficiently and effectively exterminate bed bugs. With recent studies showing that over 50% of bed bug species have developed resistance to chemicals used in common insecticide products, the need for an effective bed bug extermination solution has never been greater. That’s where our heaters come in. All bed bugs die at 111°F. Their eggs die at 117°F. Our heaters reach temperatures up to 140°F to help ensure that all bed bugs are exterminated.

In addition to their overall effectiveness, our hotel bed bug heaters are also easy-to-use, efficient, and eco-friendly. After some light setup of the hotel room you are treating, such as using sprinkler covers to protect your in-room sprinklers from damage, removing the bedding and setting the mattress and box spring in an “A-Frame” structure, you simply turn the heater on in the room you’re treating, go about your day, and in six to 10 hours, the heater will have exterminated all bed bugs in the treated room. Chemical-free and 100% non-toxic, our hotel bed bug heaters will not damage property or non-perishable possessions. Plus, they’re portable and discrete — making them a great choice for hotels and motels that would rather not draw attention to their pest problems.

Buy a Hotel Bed Bug Heater

A one-time investment in one of our high-performing, U.S.-made hotel bed bug heaters can save you thousands of dollars in pest control costs down the road. It can also save you precious peace of mind knowing that any infestation you encounter can be dealt with efficiently and effectively — without the need for an exterminator. If you’re in the extermination business, a PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor hotel bed bug heater is an indispensable addition to your arsenal. Never has bed bug extermination been this easy or effective. Contact our team for more information on our hotel bed bug heater products, and shop from our selection right here on this page!

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