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Bed Bug Heaters for the Hospitality Industry and Residential Customers

Bed Bug Heaters for Hotels and More

No matter what industry you’re in, a bed bug infestation on your property is bad news. One outbreak of bed bugs can land you and your property in the news headlines, blasted on social media and slammed on Yelp and other review sites. The actual cost of a bed bug outbreak can quickly add up in terms of cancelled reservations, bad word of mouth and damage to your brand.

Thankfully, PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor has the solution. Our industry-leading engineers have developed a line of safe and highly-effective bed bug heaters designed to exterminate bed bugs in properties of all kinds. We offer eight models of bed bug heaters for hotels, apartments, rentals, camps, and other commercial properties. Read more about our bed bug heaters and order the perfect bed bug heater for your property today.

The Best Bed Bug Heater for Hospitality Properties

Our bed bug heaters are designed to be used in:

When it comes to bed bug extermination in hotels and other commercial hospitality locations, there are a few things every property owner should keep in mind. First, it’s important to choose an extermination solution that actually works. With bed bugs, this can be tricky. Recent studies have shown that over 50% of insects have developed at least some resistance to chemicals found in common insecticides. Other treatments, such as vacuuming and the application of DIY herbal remedies, commonly yield subpar results.

When treating bed bugs, you should choose an extermination solution that’s efficient, affordable, and eco-friendly, like our effective bed bug heaters. Bed bug treatments that take days to complete can end up costing hotel owners thousands of dollars in lost revenue from rooms that aren’t available to rent. Paying too much for bed bug treatments that don’t work just makes the problem worse. Our bed bug heaters for hotels, motels and other properties are safe, effective and fast.

High-Performance Bed Bug Heaters for Hotels

Our high-performing bed bug heaters for hotels are designed to plug into power configurations commonly found in the hospitality industry. They work by heating all parts of a hotel room to temperatures up to 140°F. This temperature is hot enough to kill all bed bugs (which die at 111°F — their eggs at 117°F) while not damaging any furniture or other items inside the room. Chemical-free and fast-acting, our bed bug heaters can be used over and over again to remove bed bugs from a hotel room in under 10 hours. Best of all, you can easily use them yourself, which means you can skip scheduling an expensive appointment with a pest control professional. Check out our Shop page for deals on bed bug heaters.

Fast, Effective Bed Bug Heaters

In addition to our bed bug heaters for hotels, we also carry bed bug heaters specially-designed for other residential and commercial locations. For apartments and homes, we recommend checking out our BK-10L bed bug heater, which is best for single rooms up to 350 square feet. For small homes and larger rooms in vacation rentals, our BK-17L bed bug heater fits the bill. All our bed bug heaters have been meticulously engineered to handle powering constraints of most residential properties. They feature industry-leading hardware and a host of high-performing features to efficiently and effectively exterminate bed bugs in apartments and homes.

If you’re looking for other bed bug treatments, check out our bed bug mattress encasements and our new line of beg bug sprays and hand sanitizers that are perfect for travel.

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Want to learn more about our available bed bug heaters for hotels and other properties? Ready to place your order? Contact us today to speak with our bed bug heater experts who can answer all your questions.