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Stop bed bugs today!

A bed bug problem can cost a property both revenue and reputation. Heat works like nothing else. And heat is fast. Closing a room for fumigation means several days to 2-3 weeks of lost revenues. We offer solutions and equipment designed to keep costs down and revenue coming in.

Get rid of pesky bed bugs, without chemicals

Achieving a pest-free housing environment can sometimes be difficult due to lifestyles of some tenants and the increasing resistance of bugs to chemical treatments. When it comes to housing units, Prevsol solutions are the only choice for treating multi-unit or single-unit dwellings.

Your Trusted Bed Bug Treatment Solutions

We’re a firm with decades of experience in the business that is committed to using the safest, most effective solution available. We understand that hospitality and property owners have to protect both their reputation and their revenues. We’re offering effective, in-house tools that solve your problem today and get rooms back up and ready to produce revenues in a day or two.

Chemical-Free Bed Bug Treatment Uses Heat Instead

Insects are vulnerable to temperature changes: bedbugs have exoskeletons that break down when exposed to higher temperatures. Our simple solution uses nothing but heat to completely rid your property of these pests and their eggs. With Prevsol, you can eliminate costly, time-consuming service calls and poisonous chemicals. It\’s a great permanent in-house solution to a serious problem.

Kill Bed Bugs Faster and More Effectively

New strains of insecticide-resistant bugs, including a new invasive tropical strain, mean that traditional chemical treatments are no guarantee your pest problem is gone. And chemical answers take rooms off the books for days and weeks. Heat means no more poisonous insecticide, fumes, and long waits for service calls. And remember, outside service vendors are an ongoing expense. Heat treatment means a one-time purchase that can save thousands of dollars over the life of the equipment.

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