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PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor bed bug heaters are the right choice for indoor bed bug extermination in any residential or commercial space. Efficient, eco-friendly, and 100% effective, our heaters are both easy-to-operate and guaranteed to exterminate bed bugs when operated correctly in confined spaces. How can we be so sure? All bed bugs die at 111 degrees. Their eggs die at 117 degrees. Our bed bug heaters heat the ambient air to temperatures exceeding 140 degrees, helping that deadly heat reach even into hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, to ensure total bed bug extermination, every time. As an added benefit, our heaters are totally free of any harmful chemicals and will not cause any damage to the interior of your home your or business. Of course, if you have ceiling sprinklers, you’ll want to invest in protection to keep them from going off during heat treatment. Thankfully, we’ve got you (and your sprinklers) covered. Learn more about our easy-to-use bed bug heater sprinkler covers and order yours today!

The Importance of Bed Bug Heater Sprinkler Covers During Heat Treatment

PrevSol Sprinkler Head Cover
PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor Sprinkler Head Cover

Why use sprinkler covers during bed bug heat treatment? The answer is simple. Ceiling sprinklers commonly found in commercial locations, hotels, and even some homes are often triggered by excessive heat. Though our bed bug heaters heat rooms to temperatures that are safe for most of your property and your possessions, 125̊F is still enough to set off most ceiling sprinklers or damage them so they won’t work in the event of an actual fire emergency.

To help you work around this issue, our engineers have developed these highly effective sprinkler covers for your ceiling sprinklers. Our covers sit over sprinklers to totally insulate them from outside heat, keeping them around 30 degrees cooler than the heat-treated room. That way, they are prevented from going off or being damaged and you are saved the hassle of having indoor rain in addition to bed bugs.

The Benefits of PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor Sprinkler Covers

While covering your sprinkler heads is an easy way to keep them from going off during heat treatment, not all covers are created equal. Homemade solutions — such as those made out of plastic, cardboard, or cloth — will often fall short as far as insulation goes. Plus, they can be quite difficult to attach to your ceiling.

For fast and highly-effective sprinkler protection during bed bug treatment, you want professional-grade sprinkler covers from our team here at PrevSol Bed Bug Heat Doctor. We offer two sprinkler covers, a Styrofoam cover and a premium neoprene cover by Stay Cool.

Although both work effectively to keep the area around a sprinkler cooler than the rest of the room, the fire sprinkler cover by Stay Cool is a premium product that offers many benefits for commercial and residential use. The flexible neoprene fabric allows for easy application without damaging the sprinkler. Constructed of high quality material, this sprinkler cover can be used repeatedly and lays flat for easy storage.

Designed specifically for use with our bed bug heaters, our Styrofoam sprinkler covers are guaranteed to insulate sprinklers from heated room temperatures by as much as 30̊F. And attaching them to your sprinklers couldn’t be easier. Loop around the handle, pull the attached cord away from the house, and slide to lock the cover. Plus, their lightweight Styrofoam construction makes lifting these covers up to your sprinklers a breeze.

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