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Serving Our Nation

Bed bugs can adversely affect our military members, especially those who travel often and those who stay in military lodging or base housing. Bed bugs are relentless warriors who are no respecter of branch or rank.

Serve Our Soldiers

In the conflict against the local enemy of bed bugs, we have an aggressive plan of action coupled with the equipment necessary to execute a successful mission. Contact us today for information on a calculated lethal solution for defeating bed bugs with strategic forethought, operational initiatives and tactical planning. To our brave soldiers and their families, we salute you and thank you for your service! … the most courageous heroes wear dog tags!
Property Management


Noisy Neighbors

Renting a vacation cottage allows you to settle in, make yourself at home, and enjoy your vacation without having to round up your socks and slippers each day.

Better Equpiment

For some renters, a hot tub or Jacuzzi bathtub is a “must-have” item, while other renters will choose outdoor swings, fire pits, and gas grills being able to “cook at home” is the main reason to choose a vacation cottage.

It’s fun to shop at local grocery stores and even more fun to spend your travel money on sightseeing instead of eating out.
Property Management

Housing Authority and HUD

Keeping Affordable Housing Bed Bug Free

A vital intent of the Office of Public Housing is to ensure safe, decent, and affordable housing to low income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. These housing units provide opportunities for residents’ self-sufficient and economic independence.

Housing Authority units come in various styles, sizes, and geographic locations. They have different floor plans, different architectural structures, and are located in different neighborhoods. One thing each housing unit has in common is that none are immune from bed bugs.

We can help ensure that the safety, decency, and affordability intent is kept intact by providing the equipment you need to eradicate bed bugs. Please contact us today if you have been presented with an inspection report with results positive for bed bug infiltration.