Scented Beads

These Scented air mover freshener aroma beads (8 oz resealable bag) are designed for XPOWER Scented Air Movers. Pick from Lavender, Key Lime, Citrus Breeze, and Fresh Breeze and spread scented air through the largest of indoor spaces.

  • Refill beads for XPOWER Scented Air Movers
  • Good for 4 or more cartridge refills
  • Built-in power outlets, 3-hour timer, easily refillable cartridge and scented beads refill included
  • 5 fragrances include Key Lime, Grapefruit, Citrus Bliss, Fresh Breeze and Lavender Vanilla
  • The fastest way to fill your space with the natural scents to create the perfect atmosphere
  • Perfect for the party planner- wedding, holiday parties, yoga classes, staged events or any place you want to set the mood
Usage Directions


  1. Use scissors to carefully open pouch
  2. Pour scented beads into scent cartridge as indicated below
  3. Snap cartridge closed, re-insert into air mover and switch on
  4. Fill cartridge accordingly after first batch loses scent
  5. Place extra scented beads into sealed original pouch, glass or stainless metal container and keep in cool, dry place till next use
  6. Dispose used scented beads in trash after scent dissipates
  7. Recommend use XPOWER scented refills
Suggested Usage:


  • Small Room (about 120 square feet)      – Fill 1/4 Cartridge  – 15 Minutes at Max. Speed
  • Medium Room (about 450 square feet)   – Fill 1/4 Cartridge  – 25 Minutes at Max. Speed
  • Large Room (about 1800 square feet)    – Fill 1/4 Cartridge  – 40 Minutes at Max. Speed

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Scented Beads



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