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PrevSol & Bed Bug Heat Doctor are the master distributors for Mosebach Bed Bug Heaters!

Mosebach Manufacturing Company was founded in 1924 by Karl Mosebach. Since then, they have grown as a leader in manufacturing and resistor focused technologies. Mosebach’s resistors are the core component of the bed bug heaters that PrevSol carries through Bed Bug Heat Doctor. All of our BK and BBHD heaters are made in America by Mosebach Manufacturing Company.

We love working with Mosebach because their products and services are cost-effective, reliable, and durable. When ever you purchase a heater and warranty from us that is backed by Mosebach, you can trust that you are in great hands. Any concerns will be answered swiftly and solutions will be provided to ensure your satisfaction.

We work with Mattress Safe® because we are proud to provide the best mattress, box spring, and pillow encasements available. They are simple to use and highly effective at preserving your beds from more than just bed bugs. All of their product that we carry on PrevSol are carefully crafted and manufactured in the United States too so that you can rest easy knowing that your products are high-quality.

The Sofcover® Collection features an innovative soft and luxurious stretch knit fabric, carefully designed for comfort and easy care while providing durability and protection. US manufacturing enables Mattress Safe® to maintain the highest level of quality and create unique and custom designs to meet your individual needs.

We work with Protect A Bed to offer you Thermal Strike products because they are the best items to have while you are traveling. They work simply to protect your luggage from hosting bed bugs and prevent them spreading through your hotel, apartment, or home. We know you will love these lightweight and durable products.

The design of these products parallels their effectiveness at killing bed bugs and saving you the hassle of a more severe pest control problem. Once you start protecting your luggage properly, you will never go back to the status quo which moves millions of bed bugs around the country each year.

Buggy Beds


As Seen on SharkTank!

BuggyBeds® is a patented bedbug detection system that is a proven way to detect bed bugs. We offer our customers their great products because we know how important early detections are for pest management. The custom formulated glue monitors are designed to attract bed bugs and other insects into the trap for detection purposes. BuggyBeds® monitors have a unique crushproof design that allows for easy access to bugs and a clear viewing area for easy detection.

BuggyBeds® monitors are easy and ready to use right out of the box. Simply Slide & Hide a monitor behind a bed or cushion. Follow-up with checking on them frequently for any signs of bed bugs.

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